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Vasectomy gifts? What is the hype about anyways?

I like to consider myself a pretty “hip” person. I know most of the latest trends and I seem to be up on the lingo so to speak. Though there are a few things that I think are relatively outrageous and borderline insane. Things that I had no idea existed until I had seen them on a TV show and was shocked that people actually did this. Mind you most of the people doing this have more money that your average person and obviously an itch to spend it but still.

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The first thing I heard of like this was known as a “Baby Moon”. This is when a couple will have a weekend away or a vacation away as one last “HOORAY” before the kid comes. I know kind of wild to be spending all this money though before you will spend even more money when you birth a child. I guess there are different types of vacations that you can do though. Maybe you go somewhere local or have a weekend in the house ordering your own food. I guess the “Baby Moon” Is really up for interpretation and it really depends on what you want to get out of it. Then it also raises the question. Is this something that only happens when you have one baby or do you do this after multiple kids? If so do you leave the kids home with friends or family or bring them with you because that doesn’t sound relaxing or romantic at all either!

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Next up is the also popular “Push Presents”. Which could not be more catered to the pressures of having a vaginal birth of a child than you would think. This implies that the spouse gets the birthing parent a gift for you know, pushing a baby out of their vagina. So does this also happen for a c-section birth too or is the name just supposed to be targeted towards one type of way to birth a child. This is yet another thing that I would assume people with money would be doing. Why is it that having a healthy, breathing baby is not good enough that people want to have some sort of reward to you know .. “Push”

And finally, this is the real doozy. Apparently people are giving their male counterparts gifts for getting snipped. Which doesn’t really seem to make any sort of sense. From a medical standpoint having the male spouse get “snipped” for lack of a better term, is the easiest way. Maybe unless the female was getting their tubes tied during a c-section if they had to go that route. However medically the male is sore for a few days and bang, done. They used that bag of frozen pees that you had in the freezer far too long to help soothe down there and finished. Where as you have the female which needs to be cut open for however many reasons and are dealing with essentially a surgery to prevent further pregnancy’s.

What do you even give in this situation? Do you give something funny or comforting? Do you give your spouse like a thank you card you know, for taking one for the team? Do you give them something sexy because well now you can hopefully have the fun times without worrying about another bundle of joy surprising you in the process. The whole idea just seems to be a huge waste of not only time but also money too. It’s like people have this much extra cash laying around that they need to spend it (Which if that is the case you are more than welcome to spend it on one of my poetry books which you can find here). I can’t ever seeing myself doing this.

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Then the other question, If your spouse got you the push present, are you obligated to do the vasectomy gift? Or are you only getting one if you gave the push present? Then it also raises another question, Does someone get a push present AND a hysterectomy one also if they are they ones that are going to be getting the sniped or tied stuff around? If anything this is raising far more questions that it is answering them because I find it really hard to even sort my feelings.

I guess the bottom line is these types of things are what is wrong with the world. We need to stop spending money on useless crap and things that literally mean absolutely nothing. Not everything in life needs to have some sort of a reward. It doesn’t need to be something specially like this. How about if you get snipped you want to because your spouse maybe had to endure a lot of things in terms of giving birth and this was a good thing to do. Maybe instead of spending money on some baby moon you want to save it or put it away to start a small interest savings fund for your child. Or instead of a push present maybe start a new tradition with your child. Or even getting a few things that you had growing up that meant a lot.

And as I am sure you are wondering. Did we do a baby moon before my oldest son was born? Sure, If you call going to Boston Pizza REALLY pregnant for a meal counts. We never really had one with our second and we probably won’t with our third. Was there any push presents? No. I didn’t think that I needed to be rewarded for becoming a mom since that was the whole purpose of having children you obviously know what the outcome will be in terms of birth. And then for a vasectomy gift? No. There also will not be any. Maybe some extra sweets or maybe take out to not have to cook. But there will be no gift, and for the record, my husband volunteered for that because after all, I was doing all the hard work before!

Choosing a Game to Stream

Choosing a game to play when starting out as a streamer can be daunting. If you check out my previous blog post it will talk about being one game streamer and a variety streamer and how both have pros and cons. This post will talk about choosing a game to stream and what are some of the things you should look for when doing so as well as games I have mainly played too.

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When I first started streaming from my PS4 I would play the game Rainbow Six Siege every day. I loved it even though I was absolute trash at it. I had a great group of people to play it made the time more interesting. Though as many things come to an end I got bored of it and the people I played with moved on to different things and we kind of fell out of playing together. I never played it a whole lot on my own either.

That being said, Rainbow Six is a pretty popular game. I played this just because I had fun. I wasn’t looking to grow or be at the top of the category I was just playing what I enjoyed and let it happen. If I was going to go back in time I probably would still play the same game because I wanted to and enjoyed it. However I have also played games like Little Big Planet and have seen a lot of success with hat and games like GTA as well too. Depending on the game though they can be too small to even make an impact. When you play an older game or a game that is unknown it can be hard to find new viewers and you are ending up either playing for yourself or your community though.

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Once I had gotten a PC it made things easier. I was gifted a copy of Dead by Daylight one Christmas from a viewer and was instantly hooked. I was playing it nearly every stream. PC gaming was far easier for me since the games library on steam alone is endless. Dead by Daylight is a pretty popular game however I wouldn’t compare it to League of Legends or the latest FPS game. It has a pretty decent community size so being discovered isn’t as difficult in terms of there is a lot of people watching but there are some heavy hitter streamers playing it that have their abundance of regular viewers. Sure when you start out you might be near the bottom or middle of the directory but that is a lot better than being dead last. And since then I have been primarily playing Dead by Daylight ever since with the odd dabble in games like Stardew Valley, Spooky games and PS4 ones that I love like Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot too!

If you prefer to play only older games or smaller fan base ones that is totally okay also! I think realistically though you might need to work a bit harder on seeing results and growth. You might need to work on your social media reach so that when you play these games you have some regulars that show up to see whats happening. You might need to explore a bit about other content creators and see if you can connect there for a colaboration. Normally a smaller following game has their star streamers, which could be you eventually! This is a great way to see what types of people play them and how you would like to see how you fit in there!

Discoverability is huge if you want to see growth on twitch or any other streaming service. If you don’t care about growth and you don’t care about viewers and just want to stream and game then totally disregard this section! If you want to be “discovered” then playing a medium tier/popularity game would be best. If you are playing Fortnite when it was at its peak viewers unless you have god like skills the chances of being discovered are probably extremely low. Same goes for playing a game that is completely off the map or has a very little fan base. I’ve seen people complain about getting little to no viewers and when people suggest different things to try the person has said “but I like playing retro games”. Well that is okay to do, however you cannot wait around for viewers to magically show up and support your game choice and who you are. You have to put in work in order to see results. Make yourself discoverable! Do not wait around for that slim chance of a massive raid or host like that will be the savior for streaming. Spoiler alert: Raiding and hosting WILL NOT help you grow, most of the time people who are coming from the raid will always watch the streamer they came from before you. Though you may make some new viewers chances are they won’t be regulars. Make people want to click your like by doing whatever means necessary on other platforms and things!

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Lastly, And I think this goes back again to the one game vs variety streamer blog post. If you ware wanting to throw yourself out there and only play one game. A game that you want to become the best at or a very memorable person within the community, I think it is important to see the direction the game is going. What I mean by this is, will this game be around in a year from now, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years (Though anyone playing a game for 10 years honestly should receive an achievement hahahaha!!). If you start playing a game for example I see it with a lot of Paladins streamers. They played the game since the very beginning, and now they are finding themselves stuck. They don’t like the direction of the game, it is broken, the fan base is a very young/child like and they want something different. If the direction of the game you are playing isn’t going anywhere, not releasing new content, or making the game interesting to viewers you will have a much harder time trying to keep their attention. It’s like if I was to play Spyro the Dragon as my main game, the game is done, there is no DLCs and unless I am trying to speed run the game and constantly practice it will be extremely hard to keep people entertained with the stale content.

Regardless, I think at the end of the day anyone should play a game that they really enjoy. If a streamer enjoys the game their community will be more willing to chat and stick around. If you start to hate a game or do not enjoy playing it, remember that you can always take a break and come back to it!

A Sunday Night Routine For a Great Start to the Week

If there is one thing I am guilty of, it is not putting myself ahead for the week. To the point that when Wednesday comes around I feel horrible about not accomplishing a single thing that I had HOPED to have had done. Partly because I never set myself up for success. I simply hoped that my brain would work the way I wanted it to without any help which is wrong. I do need a lot of help!

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One thing I am starting to do seemingly this year would be that I want to plan my weeks out. Similar to work. When I was actually working and before I had kids I would plan out my week. I would know my shifts, when I would meet people, when I would have free time. Obviously it goes without saying that you really can’t plan every single detail but if you have specific things like an appointment or something then you certainly can plan that out also too. Like meals can also be planned too, even specifics like if you have to make phone calls. Why make phone calls every day when you can plan it out to be one day where you get all of that done. Sometimes planning fun things is also important too because we forget that planning does not have to be all business and it can also be things that we enjoy. Maybe you want to binge a show, or maybe start a painting idea that you have had for weeks. Planning your week can help you keep track and maybe even get ahead of your list too.

Doing something for you as I mention above is SUPER IMPORTANT. I am guilty of this but I am starting to do this more. Whether it be sewing, watching something, writing these blogs or planning them, scheduling my socials or making videos and being able to do specific things. There is many things that I do for myself. Even if that means taking a drive to pick up a coffee from Tim Horton’s or something in the process. Scheduling a video chat with a friend even. So much so that scheduling things does not have to be all about business and seriousness. However if you are like me trying to make poetry collections and published books, or even your art and sewing as part of a business then it is important to plan that stuff out. Especially if you don’t want to be waiting till the last minute (which I am guilty of). My whole mindset is that I want to set myself up for success and to spend as little time as possible on the computer. I want to make sure that things are going as planned and helping myself take steps forward and not steps back.

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Relax! Have a bath is one thing that I need to do more of especially in the new year. I mean I can obviously start it now too which I should and will but I want to be more mindful. What is more relaxing than starting your week by having a nice warm bath before you head to bed and start the dreaded day of the week Monday. Especially in the winter if there is a chill in the air or something when you want to bring a book in the tub, or maybe watch a tablet show, or even just sit in there floating and relaxing as your muscles loosen up and you have a warm drink beside you (Or maybe even a cold one too!) and just letting the worries float away. I have so many bath bombs as I write this that it really is a disservice to myself for not wanting to have more baths!

Going to bed early is something that I need to do and is so much easier to say than it is is to do. Are you like me where you tend to go to bed early and then sit there on your phone and are still awake just as long as you would be sitting on the couch watching tv? Yeah that is me too. One thing I want to do to be mindful is I want to start reading in bed. I want to set a hard bedtime where I turn off all the lights. I also want to disconnect. I want to start reading a book and tiring my eyes that way instead of trying to use the screen to do that. As you may know, using the screen does not tire your eyes at all in fact it can make you even more awake and have an even worse sleep due to your eyes and the glare the screen has.

Overall, there are many things you go to to set yourself up for success for the week. These are just the ways that I am going to do in order to have a great week. I can say that when I do end up doing this, It actually is some of the most productive weeks I ever have because I have these goals and I don’t let anything get in my way of completing them! Though with holidays and things with life coming up, it can be challenge to do this I am going to do my best to develop these habits now in order to keep them going for many many weeks to come, if not for years and years.

Don’t forget too, There are going to be weeks that you are just super busy and maybe even don’t feel like planning things out, maybe you are sick or on vacation. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Nobody in this world is perfect or even close to it. If you miss a little bit there is always time to come back and set yourself up for another week too. I know we beat ourselves up but there is never a too late when it comes to success or planning anything out!

Postpartum Anxiety

It could never happen to me, Right?

That was something I am sure many people think about when they have a baby they are about to give birth to, I know for me I knew very little about what exactly post postpartum anxiety is. Even after my 1st I still never really knew.

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Post Partem anxiety is, as described by google :
Postpartum anxiety is excessive worrying that occurs after childbirth or adoption. People with postpartum anxiety may feel consumed with worry and constantly nervous or panicked. If you or someone you know has symptoms of postpartum anxiety, get help from a healthcare provider immediately.

And you know how I figured out that I probably suffer from this, I was watching a TikTok. In the video it was something like “Here are your signs that you suffer from postpartum anxiety, and one of them was holding on to their baby and as they walked up the stairs they had a thought bubble of “I hope that I don’t drop the baby”. And that is when it clicked. I have postpartum anxiety. I know it sounds wild but I totally do. I think that all the time.

Now mind you, there is absolutely no reason for me to ever have to drop a baby while walking up the stairs. It’s not like a baby is that big or squirmy that they will jump right out of your hands. Another thing is walking by these small hooks holding up a felt board for my oldest. And thinking, “Wow, I hope that I don’t drop the baby on one of these hooks” which is the smallest thing to ever happen that the chances are so, so, so, slim unless MAYBE and I mean from the furthest stretch maybe I had a seizure or something and they hit their head but the chance of that happening is so low also.

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Postpartum anxiety is also included in trying to think about the worst case scenarios. Even though they are so outlandish that they will never likely happen. It can also be the feeling that you are forgetting something, maybe you are afraid that you will forget the baby in the grocery cart or in the car. Maybe you will forget the baby somewhere or forget to feed them. Maybe it is even the feeling that you are never doing enough to help them grow when you are already going above and beyond what you need to.

When thinking about postpartum anxiety I would like to think that I never thought it would happen to me, but more than likely I never knew what it really was. I believe I did have it with my first born but I never really identified what it was. It was literally that TikTok that made me think “Wow, this sounds exactly like how I am thinking.”

A few ways that I try to overcome these feelings because I haven’t reached the point of needing outside help or anything is whenever a thought like the walking up the stairs pops up, I always remind myself that is silly and it just won’t happen. I remind myself that “I have a good grip and there is no way the baby will suddenly fall from my arms. I am a good mother and that they will be good”. I remind myself that I am a good mother and that I will do anything to take care of these kids and that I can help them achieve anything.

Another thing I have learned to do is taking a step back. If I feel like this I talk it out with my spouse. I’ll say if my babies were crying and I was unable to console them that I feel like I am a horrible mom, which we all know is not true but babies do in fact cry and sometimes we need to vent that to a partner who will reassure us that we are doing our best and the babies are just a little bit fussy for the time being.

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While I am still learning about what exactly postpartum anxiety is it is super hard for me to not keep learning. As we are planning for our 3rd baby (Spoiler, We are due in August and you can read about it here!) I want to be able to manage myself with the help of others instead of bottling things up. Part of the reason why we never hear about this I think is because parents hold this inside and it really isn’t a main stream thing. We never really talk about after a baby is born and all the changes that can happen with our minds as our way of thinking goes from ourselves to someone else. We are taking care of another human being which is one of the hardest things that I can say I have ever done in my entire life.

I hope that as I grow and keep becoming a mother time and time again that I am learning how to cope and can help others who I may know, or people who read this that there are ways to not be stuck with this. I will say though, having multiple children it for sure has been different with each one. As we had more I feel like the anxiety was better. With my oldest I remember thinking about the stairs feeling literally every single time we went up or down the stairs. I always thought “what If I slip or what if we fall?”, spoiler alert, it never happened. It was always in my mind. And though with my 2nd child I do have those feelings occasionally it was never as bad as it was with my 1st. Which maybe is because after you have one baby you kind of grow in confidence that you are able to keep one baby healthy and growing that with a second you can to the same.

Please though, If you or someone you know are struggling and talking it out of doing it alone is not helping, reach out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have help to overcome some of these strong and debilitating emotions. Everyone needs some help sometimes.

Felix’s First Birthday!

By the time you read this it will be nearly 3 months after his first birthday. i know I am MAJORLY slacking on this since I was so bang on with my oldest. But as many people do say, better late than never!

I cannot believe my little baby, and I say little lightly because he was not a little baby. Weighing in at 9lbs and 6oz he was nearly 3 pounds heavier than his brother. They also say that having kids time flies. I found having two kids the time flew even faster that I can barely keep up.

Felix has been such a great sleeper I feel like we are so extremely lucky. With being so big he has drank so much formula I’m surprised we don’t have shares in it. Milestones have been happening so incredibly fast too. I think this may be because this little fella is trying to keep up with his bigger brother. The voice too! Felix has such a loud voice and loves to talk to us whenever we are laughing and goofing around.

While it took a little while for Vincent to come around he loves to help his baby brother too. He likes to pass toys or give hugs and things also. He also likes to put dirty diapers in the garbage but not before asking if it is poop or pee first.

Felix has been so different than our first in many ways. Obviously each child is their own but Felix is just the total opposite. He is so mischievous and he tries to really test boundaries. And he is also so much more of a daredevil when it comes to trying to get better at standing and learning to walk too. Soon I feel like you will be running around the house too! As I write this he still hasn’t started solo walking yet but any day now it will be happening I think!

I don’t know if I would compare births and say which was harder. But I will say this was a hard birth in so many different ways. I talk more in detail about how it was challenging here. You made me see a different side of having a baby that I was so totally not ready to see. I knew nothing about a c-section and I knew nothing about recovery either. You made me really take in the moments and slow down because I had no other choice but to do so!

You have your blonde hair and blue eyes still peeping out in to the world. You laugh when we tickle your under arms and thighs just like your brother did. But yet you are both so very different. You have grown so much and are nearly the same size as Vincent. Having you though has made us feel like you have brought so much to us. I know that as you get older and play more Vincent also likes that too. Though he is still not a huge fan when you take his toys and don’t share though to be fair he doesn’t really always share with you first either! But he is getting better though at it as we do show him that you and him can play together!

I feel like in many ways though we missed out on certain things with you and for that I am sorry. We never really did the photo a week like we did with Vincent but I guess times change and we just never thought about it. Your baby book is a little bit more scarce which is my fault for not being up on that which I know I can do better though! And I feel like we missed milestones with clothes because you grew so dang fast that we had to skip sizes!

Having you, Felix, was a huge blessing and I couldn’t imagine anything different. I am so happy that this past year we have been settled into our new home and made it ours. What I also find mindbogglingly is that eventually you and Vincent will be sharing a room and that is even more terrifying to me too! However you two will have a lot of fun and I’m sure rough sleep nights though due to staying awake and playing.

I am so thankful that you made me your mom and that you have made me see what it was like to be a boy mom (So far) and how you both are growing and interacting with one another. You are so fast and learning so much that it is such a hard belief for me that time really is flying by. I feel like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital and I was getting your dad to bring you up the stairs because I was unable to lift anything other than you! I was on you duty 24/7 because I wasn’t able to lift anything heavier than you, which as heavy as you were seemed like it wasn’t that bad! I hope when we have our 3rd and final baby that you too will follow Vincent and become a second huge helper in the house. You both are so different and so loving that I think you will be the greatest of friends especially since you are not that far apart in age!

I hope to be the best mom for both of you that I can ever be. Teaching you so many things about life and having as much fun as we possibly can too. Your little giggles and smiles are addicting and I light up whenever I hear them. Though I will say, You have brought challenges, ones that haven’t been seen. You do like to bite and you like to fool me by blowing kisses into my arm like fart noises and then biting down. That is not so fun haha and I also am constantly cutting your little baby nails that feel like daggers because you like to pinch and especially grab my necklace! Here is to another year and hopefully me actually getting this out NEAR your birthday, and not 3 months later!


I know. This is wild and insane and we will soon be part of the 3 under 4 club which is crazy and I know we will have a lot of things to do but I am so looking forward to never being pregnant again. Spoiler Alert: This is the hardest pregnancy I have ever had!

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I also want to say too that before I even begin, I am nearly out of the first trimester. By this time this is published and I am releasing it it will be just over 13 weeks. I had full intentions to actually write how I was feeling week by week as an update because with Felix I had given an update every 4 weeks. I will start doing weekly updates though going forward after 12/13 weeks. I am more so wondering if this is harder because I have 2 under 3 right now and am literally busy most of the time.

Right now I have had more morning sickness than I have with both pregnancy combined. Just the last week alone as I write this I have been getting sick multiple times a day. I know that I could have it way way way worse but for this it was a lot. There has been a lot of sleeping. I feel like I am up every 2 hours to the bathroom which is totally insane because I do not remember being up that much at night so early on and I am already sore. I have been taking baths regularly and also even showers where I just stand in the steam and just relax as much as possible. I have been pretty regularly trying to just sit on the couch in my housecoat and relaxing because I feel like I need to. I am counting the days till this is over because I feel like its another chapter that is closing.

As for the gender. A lot of people we know are assuming it is a girl. Due to the fact I am way sicker however I won’t be really thinking about gender till it is confirmed due to the fact that Vincent and Felix were so different pregnancy that I really have no idea. I will say the being sick if that is in fact a thing more so with a girl I would be kind of leaning towards a girl. We do hope to find out the gender like we always have though because we are super impatient and unable to hold it in. I think if it was a girl or boy it will be such a nice ending to our family since we will be done with children.

Another thing I thing I am looking forward to is that this pregnancy we will be due the beginning of August. With the boys I was pregnant through the entire summer and that made me miss out on so much. Obviously I am not saying I regret anything either, I love my children and wouldn’t change it for the world. Having our own home and a nice large back deck where we can sit and enjoy the weather and animals at night has been so pleasant that I am so looking forward to it this summer. Also I am looking forward to having some puffs too because I do miss smoking a bit of weed but it’s something that I have just gotten over and I quit fairly easily. Just like every pregnancy, I even talk about it in a post here.

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As for cravings I don’t think I have really been craving a whole lot. Lots of salty and some sweet. More specifically Wendy’s Fries and dipping them in Frostys. I have been kind of craving slushies but NO WHERE in Halifax seems to have any and if that ain’t disappointing I honestly don’t know what is. I had some thing similar a “Misty” from dairy queen but that wasn’t the same. I also had a craving for a hot fudge sundae from dairy queen so I got a peanut buster parfait without the peanuts. And for my birthday this past January I had to specifically order the cake because I was dying to have something that had real buttercream not the window front store cakes with the whipped cream icing that isn’t sweet at all. I also have been trying to randomly eat different things because I swear sometimes I have eaten things and within a few hours I know I’m about to be sick and low and behold I end up getting sick.

I have been trying to keep busy though and have been trying not to nap in the day time because I feel like its such a wasted opportunity when the boys are sleeping to be able to get things done. Or I have been trying to do things as I go while they are doing things or I am cooking supper. Like if I am in the bathroom with Vincent I will try to tidy a few places or change the garbage. Stuff like that which is helping to get back on track. I swear though this pregnancy I have been unable to get enough sleep. Even sleeping in the day when I try to nap at night I am exhausted and then I find myself having trouble sleeping for long periods. One thing I need to start doing is reading beore bed. I need to stop being on my cell phone because it’s not making me sleep any better if anything its making me stay up later. I have some great books that I need to read and what better time to do so than now.

Overall I am hoping the next 2 trimesters go by way smoother and I am super scared about the actual birth which is a whole other blog topic as well as something I won’t be even thinking about until later when it is way closer to the due date but still. Here is to the final pregnancy that I have and hoping things go great. I cannot wait to meet our final missing puzzle piece to our family!

Streamers and “Pity Parties”

If you haven’t been keeping tabs, that is totally okay! I am a streamer though I am so bad with a schedule that it is incredibly hard for me to even keep it going half the time. Juggling two kids, being a wife, and pregnant with our 3rd child, and trying to keep a household kind of clean while cooking, cleaning, playing, sewing, writing, the things that are being done are endless.

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Though there is one thing that has never changed since I first started streaming. I don’t really care about a lot of things streamers do, but one thing I do mind is streamer pity parties. I know, does this make me sound bad? Sure, maybe to some people who consider this as a tactic to make money. But for the vast majority of streamers I think we can all agree that sometimes it is PRETTY OBVIOUS when a streamer does this.

So what is a pity party? And what is it in regards to streaming? Streamer pity parties is when a streamer will play on the emotions of their viewers by trying to get some sort of compensation from them. Sometimes this is in regards to maybe their mental health has been struggling, other times it may be the unexpected bills, or maybe it is simply put, because they know their viewers will donate to them for whatever reason so they try to get that motivation for their viewers to feel bad. To guilt them so to speak.

Before I continue, I do want to state, not everyone is like this. There is a lot of people who have donation goals or different things that people love to help out when they have a few extra dollars. Which is totally okay when you think about it. What I am referring to is streamers in particular who will take extremely long breaks, And on top of it come back with new hair, fresh clothes, nails done, and everything else, and complaining that they no longer have their rent. This is weird and while many of their “financial supporters” are unaware of this hidden agenda to others it couldn’t be more brighter of a light.

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One of these tips to figure out if a streamer you watch is playing this dangerous game would be that they constantly talk about their hardships. Maybe they talk about how they are eating ramen all the time due to being unable to afford food. Maybe they talk about how there pet is suddenly sick, and I say suddenly because they have been sick perhaps for the past year multiple times with various ailments. One thing that is blinding when it comes to these is that someone who complains they are unable to afford rent, however they have a fresh set of a full foil highlights on their head which can be hundreds of dollars. Maybe I am the crazy one, but I would like to think rent should be the priority over a personal appearance thing.

Another red flag is when someone has a donation goal which is bigger than a lot of the other elements on their streams. Now before you are all “Stacey, You too have a donation/subscriber goal”. Yes I do! However it is smaller and in the corner of the stream to not take away from the stream itself. Does that mean I don’t mention it if someone asks? No I will. But I don’t continuously talk about it either. I will never mention that we are xxx closer to our goal, or whatever you want to say too.

The fact is, a lot of established streamers do have some people who are in a position financially to support the stream. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who do this. What I am talking about is people who KNOW who these people are and will do anything that they can to get every single cent from them. Have you ever noticed that established and good streamers never mention money? hard times? or anything else? Because people know that like myself and others, when you mention these things constantly you run a major risk of actually turning people off of your stream. The fact is a lot of their viewers too could also be struggling and they don’t want to also hear someone else who is struggling.

Why might this be? Because at the end of the day a lot of people around the world are also struggling. To the point that they are working two jobs, making sacrifices to their daily lives while hearing someone sitting on their computer trying to make money from other people. I am a big supporter of the “If you cannot afford to stream you need to find different ways to make money”. This is more or less the people who think streaming more will mean more money, which is totally wrong. There is a lot of different ways to make money and streaming is one way to do so. Maybe they need to pick up a little part time job or maybe go different avenues of making content. One that can bring money in.

MAYBE I am so out there in left field that I am the one who is jealous or envious of people who have these suckers who have the money to spend on them. As I mentioned, I am all for transparency. If you are struggling, by all means, you can share with viewers, but if the topic of conversations always end up to the fact that you need money in some way shape of form and that you need money then it may be a sign that you are watching the wrong streams. Especially if the streamer is using emotions to make you feel guilty about not donating. That is just not okay.

We live in a world that there is an abundance of jobs and if you want to be a streamer then you need to do more than going live and hoping for the best. To be a twitch streamer you need to be looking at all pathways to bring viewers in and performing to the best of your ability. This does not include making your viewer, who watches you regularly, feel bad that you are unable to afford that new set of fake nails, especially since as streamers, we don’t know just how much our viewers are struggling, and at the end of the day they could be struggling far more than we are!

I’M SORRY BUT I AM BACK! (Feb 2023 update!)

Okay. First of all, I had entire intentions to come back January and go strong. But I totally was like NOPE and skipped the entire month. Sometimes I focus on different things in my life, ie: crafts, poems, etc and for me I was just totally not feeling it. If I am being totally honest. I just did not feel like writing. I didn’t feel like fixing blogs that I wrote and I didn’t feel like scheduling anything. But that is okay! We go through phases in lives where we like to do things more than another and vice versa. This was one of those times where the blog was on the back burner and I was focusing on other things.

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One big thing for this is that I am actually EXPECTING AGAIN! This is our 3rd baby and believe me if it wasn’t I would be considering it. I won’t go into all of the nitty gritty details as usual, I will be putting out a formal blog post with all those but let’s just say that this is very very rough compared to the first two pregnancy that I had. I will be sure to link the new blog here once I have it written too!

Crafting is something that I have been focusing on as well. Magnets, Bookmarks, Pins, and now Earrings. I have been trying to just keep busy. I use plastic canvas and I have been super happy with how things are going and been trying to pursue this. As I talk about different avenues of income this is one that I feel could be making it’s way up there with poetry once I get myself together for marketing for that! It has been a lot of fun being creative and I am really looking forward to building stock to hopefully one day be able to do markets to help grow myself as well. Though right now with kids, pregnancy, and a husband who is military and could be sailing different places, markets just aren’t in the cards right now and that is totally okay. I will keep going and striving to build an online presence while I am unable to go to different places physically!

Poetry is also coming along. I have a bit of a plan for marketing the books I have written as well as big plans to write more for this year to release next year. I am so excited to be able to keep writing and growing myself as an established poet. I think it will be awesome and such a cool legacy to leave behind for the world. It’s just promoting that I have been slacking on lately. I hope to get back into regularly posting to TikTok and Instagram on my poetry account also.

Another thing that has been playing on my mind a lot has been that I want to lose weight which obviously I am not focusing on now.. since you know Ill be gaining weight anyways. But once I am healed and whatever else I am setting a goal of 4 days per week to work out. I am looking forward to finally losing weight and keeping it off because I won’t have anymore pregnancy’s to worry about. Believe me this is the last! I am looking forward to getting in shape and just overall being healthy. I fully intent to prep a calorie/mental health journal once I get closer to my due date so it can be fully prepped so that I can start whenever I feel ready. I feel confident that I can stick to it and keep going.

I also am thinking about how I will keep this going for the rest of the year without having any time off since I just missed the last 2 months. My husband will be away for work and this will be about 4-6 weeks of me and the boys. I plan on trying to really hammer down on goals and dreams and whatever else because as anyone can probably say when separated from your spouse the best thing to do is to keep busy so that time flies by. This is my goal! I need to make a to do list for myself because I think that will be a good idea to keep on track though if I can get a lot of things done that would be awesome. Overall I am glad that I finally decided to start this again. As much as it can be challenging.

I also am low key making myself not take naps anymore. I find maybe it has been hindering me when it comes to sleeping at night but also like that is a part of pregnancy too. I feel like if I stopped napping all the time unless maybe my spouse was home, which obviously won’t count when he isn’t but still LOL. I really am trying to use all the time that I have to be productive. Sometimes the 2 hours in the afternoon when the boys are sleeping is a huge chunk to get things done. Eventually Vincent will be done napping in the day time also so that will be the hardest part is no little “break” so to speak too!

And streams, they are basically none existent but mostly due to the fact that I feel so sick all day I literally just want to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing most days. I feel like my regular viewers totally understand however I just am beginning to feel like I need to just stream when I want to or accept that this just may not be my time to shine in the stream world. I have a family and a lot happening and if I can set myself up right I hope that I can stream when my kids are in school and be able to have it as another income as well as showcase things that i do like poetry and crafting too.

Ill leave this be though as I do have a lot of things to prep and write about to get this going. I am so excited to share things again with you all and cannot wait to bring you along for the ride too!