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Circumcision Should Be Banned

We are on fire with these hot topics lately right? Well buckle up because this is something that I couldn’t agree with more strongly either but here we are. If this blog post makes you uncomfortable, to be blunt, it should. Nothing about this should be comfortable. This is a subject that I think shouldn’t even be a practice, however it is still being done even in Nova Scotia let alone I am sure better parts of the world.

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Circumcision of little boys should be banned across the globe because unless it is performed due to a medical reason, it is genital mutilation for a boy. Plain and simple. I dont care what the reason is unless it is medically suggested for a child to be circumcised so that they are able to lead a normal lifestyle for whatever reason it should never be done. This also includes the ever popular religious reasons as well as the “cleanliness” one also.

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There are many reasons (not legitimate) that parents choose this for their little boy. One of those reasons being religion. Now, I know what you are thinking, “But Stacey, is that not a legitimate reason”. My short answer is No. Using religion in 2022 to base a reason to permanently mutilate your child’s penis is not a reason to do it. Again, if medically necessary sure. This is something I believe to be the only acceptable reason to have the procedure completed. Religion is fine for folks, I understand that people need it in their lives, what I dont think is it needs to be used as a reason to cut the excess skin from a babies penis so that it is permanently removed. This includes all religions also, not just specific ones. If a religion has something where they can do this regardless of which, it should not be allowed.

Another reason that you see often is cosmetic. They want it done because it “looks” better. Does it though? Does it really? This is such a poor, sad, excuse. Did you know that there are so many tiny nerve endings in a foreskin. When it is removed those endings are also removed, they are not moved or replaced they are gone. Thus a little boy loses sensation to some extent on how it feels when they are pleasured in that area. Is this something that should be allowed in today’s day and age? And before someone says “But they can have a surgery to try and replace it as adults blah blah blah”. Sure they do have one, but it will never replace the original skin that was there.

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Another reason is people are lead to believe that removing it makes a penis cleaner. I can say will full confidence, my two son’s are not circumcised because I obviously am against permanently mutilating my son’s for the rest of their lives. If they choose as adults to want to get it done sure, they can do what they please, but for me as a mother I will not be making that decision unless it was medically suggested to me by a medical professional. I also can say with full confidence that there is no extra added measures that I have ever had to do to keep my son’s penis cleaned. There is no added work to be done, books to read, or help hotlines to call (Maybe the last isn’t really a thing but you get it). Using this reason is a pathetic excuse to do a barbaric and outdated practice for your little one.

Another thing I have seen online and I am looking at you spouses, “I let my husband/spouse make the decision because he has the penis and I dont” WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? You both have this child and your opinion is just as important as your partner’s regardless of who has the body parts or not. Don’t ever think that you dont have a reason to have a say in this because you both made this baby and you both have the right to make a decision that is life changing even if choosing to go forward with it is wrong in my opinion.

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I think it also speaks volumes to the double standard. When little girls in some cultures would have their labia or whatever have you down there trimmed for cosmetic reasons, it was banned in Canada (not sure of the status in the world) and is considered a criminal offense. Again unless medically suggested it is mutilating a baby for no reason what so ever. So why is it that unless medically needed is it not criminal to get a boy circumcised? So often you see this going the other way but why is the same type of procedure accepted in one and not the other?

Another point to be known, in Nova Scotia (I live here!) it can be extremely hard to even find a doctor who is willing to do this surgery. You can have it done at the IWK children’s hospital if it is deemed medically necessary, however going to outside doctors for this can be hard. Not to mention there is a specific time frame that you must have it done before it has to be done at a later age. If this was still as common like it was in the 90’s why is it so hard to actually find a doctor that is willing to perform this procedure?

And lastly, there was a post about it in one of the mommy groups I am in (Another toxic blog coming up about that in the future, look out for that!) someone had stated that they wanted to have their child done because their husband/baby daddy had his done. The perfect response came from another man and it said this “Basically you want to mutilate your son’s genitals without his consent because your spouse had his genitals mutilated without his consent”. I dont think that could have been a more perfect answer to the blunt reason’s why people choose to do this to their little fellas.