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Frowned Upon Parenting: Part 2

The following post has been made thanks to the app Peanut (Not sponsored) where you can ask and interact with communities and groups of fellow Mom’s. One day I had asked one of the groups that I was in something that they would be doing that they know as a fact other mom’s or parents would be frowning upon. These were some of the things they said. For me, I will be also giving my opinion on each of the situations and hopefully you get a chuckle out of them. Some of them I know that I do or will do in my parenting journey, others I completely disagree with.

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One user said that they send their kids to bed early for more couple time. Now, I totally understand where they are coming from with this. I really do. However I think there is only so early you can put your child to bed. WE still at the time of writing put my oldest for a 2 hour or so nap in the afternoon. He also goes to bed between 630-7pm and is up anywhere from 6am-7am. I can’t picture us trying to put him to bed earlier than that. He would be yelling and hating on everything because he is just not ready. Sometimes he goes closer to 630pm and he does yell for a moment however he very quickly settles and falls asleep though. Putting him to bed any earlier would completely throw off his day though. Even sometimes when he is up a bit later maybe 730pm or closer to 8pm occasionally he is tired and ready for bed with his cues that he demonstrates.

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Ipad games is something I can understand by letting their kids plan them. My son’s are very small and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t trying to prolong their use of it. However I do understand that there can be a lot of nice educational games to be able to use and play on it though. Currently my oldest son only recognizes that the tablet we do have is used for video chats and things. He doesn’t see it as a game right now either. I do know that in today’s age of children that there is an importance to knowing their way around technology though and that eventually we will be getting to that part.

Swaddling is something that I think is really debatable in terms of how long you are supposed to do it. I did swaddle my first son for longer than the 8 weeks. They say whenever showing the signs of rolling or whether they hit 8 weeks. WE did stop however when he was moving his hands and arms to get out of the swaddle we totally stopped. That being said, with our second son we stopped after a week because the swaddles that we did have were too small and we refused to buy different ones due to him being a bigger baby! I do think there is some value in swaddling especially a very small baby because it makes them comfortable. Though there are some that really don’t like swaddling and that is okay too!

One user had said that they fine unless gentle parenting is the approach being used they think that people see it as abuse. I would have to agree with this statement. I would also like to say I don’t agree with yelling at your kids all of the time. Though I think there is a big difference between raising your voice as apposed to yelling. I know my approach may be a mix of a few things but after explaining something for the first 15 times at some point I will be raising my voice to kind of signify that I mean business. This is in no means a yell but just to let the little ones know that I am serious in asking them not to do something. I think also to some extent that if someone claims to be a “gentle parent” if they were to say they NEVER yell or raise their voice I would almost be questioning them whether or not that is completely true.

Picking up a child for crying right away is something that one user said they have received backlash for also. This was because people believe in letting children cry it out. I think this type of parenting is not necessarily a bad thing however it really depends on the situation. If my son’s trip from running and maybe they only fall to their knees, I know by me reacting and “babying” them it may cause them to believe they are more “hurt” than they actually are. That is not the type of thing that I want to be doing. However if they genuinely have something happening where they may be a bit sore or hurt themselves from a tumble than yes I will be scooping them up and trying to kiss anywhere it hurts to make them feel better! I want them to also learn to soothe themselves and that anytime they may have a little trip they aren’t necessarily hurt by it either!

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As you can see there really is a lot of things that parents frown upon others which is why I asked the question and figured that I would be make a mini series of what things parents know to be maybe not the normal lifestyle choices for raising kids! And why not put my own opinions within this too, because you never know how people may feel about these specific circumstances! Was there anything in the list above that you do or know you will have others frown upon your parenting style? Let me know in the comments below, maybe your point will be featured in the next set of Frowned Upon Parenting blogs!

3 TV Shows That We Let My Toddler Watch

Letting your baby or toddler have any screen time can be controversial for a topic by itself. Apparently it has been said children under 2 should not be watching anything on TV. I am in the mind set that as I was the oldest of 3 children, and if I watched TV my younger siblings may have also watched and they turned out just fine. That being said, there are only a few shows we allow my son to watch right now. Let’s chat about which ones they are and why. Before I begin though, remember there is no “right or wrong” way to divide up or limit your child from watching TV. This is a personal parenting choice. However I think it may be debatable if you choose to be a parent to put the TV on with their favorite shows from dawn til dusk to essentially be a babysitter for you.

Number one, and current favorite show for my son is Blue’s Clues as well as Blue’s Clues and You. We put this show on when he was having trouble drinking his bottle at night because he wanted to look or focus on something. I actually used to watch the original series when I was a child. For it to come out and be remade is great. I think my son personally enjoys watching this television show due to the colors that are in the show, the songs and the fact that the host essentially talks to the audience. As he grows he will learn to pick up more and more from it too. Currently he has a peek-a-boo blue which he loves and knew who she was when he was just 10 months old and got her for Christmas. He also is beginning to clap, and laugh at particular parts of the show also. And if they show a part with dancing he will start to dance along too. As annoying as it is for parents to watch the same handful of shows for long periods of times, I would gladly watch Blue’s Clues as apposed to other shows out there.

Next we started to watch the show Bubble Guppies with my son. I remember my sister putting this show on for my niece and nephew. It teaches things and again every episode has some sort of songs. It is repetitive but there is so many episodes that repeating them often would be a challenge. My son again is getting to the age where he starts to dance at songs sometimes also. He is not as interested in this show as he has been on Blue’s Clues but it is probably his second favorite though. Easily. We also put it on simply to change it up when we are all Blue’s Clues out. Since the songs are different and the whole theme is not the same it really helps to break up the repetition especially since each show tends to focus on different things. Though, if it is the same subject matters they always have a different take on approaching it for many ways to learn. The fact that songs mostly change each episode also helps in a big way since we all know as parents how repeating songs can have on us! Sometimes if our son is not enjoying Blue’s Clues we put this on and he tends to enjoy it!

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And lastly, this more so I put on for him which is Octonauts. This is a show similar to Bubble Guppies with different animals rescuing others. It teaches about different sea animals and creatures that need helping from various reasons. Again as many kids shows it has special songs for different events that happen in the show. This show only ever gets put on occasionally because the 1st two mentioned are the major favorites but if this one does end up on he does enjoy it also too.

Then you have little shows we put on from Netflix like Pocoyo, or Masha and the Bear. This is quick shows that we start the day with only when I have to get his bottle ready, use the washroom myself, and take the dog out to do his business too! It is not full episodes by any means and just enough for him to be in his play pen while I run outside with the dog and know that the dog will be safe in the process too. They also can help keep him busy if I have to do some house work, quick cooking, or flip laundry since it is on a different level than the one we play on.

Preventing your child may seem easy but it really isn’t. Not to mention when you decide to have more children if the older ones are watching TV are you going to prevent them from doing so? Or are you going to just limit technology and not let it become an obsession. The total time daily my son in particular watches TV or some type of show would be a maximum of an hour and 15 minutes per day. Sometimes the max would be two hours but only due to the fact that I may have a few extra things to do around the house that this keeps him busy. Mind you, out TV is on all the time but as long as it does not have a cartoon type show on the TV it really is not a big deal as my son has no interest in those right now. When it is on he will typically play with his toys on the floor independently.

What do you think about letting your toddler watch some TV during the day.

Is there any shows that you dont allow your little one to watch? (Read the shows that I dont put on here)

Let me know your thoughts on this controversial subject below! I love to hear different parenting styles!