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Confessions of a Realist

If you want to know the true definition of Realist here it is:

That was taken directly off of google by simply typing in “Define Realist”

And if you haven’t already gathered based on these posts and blogs that I am in fact a realist. I can be pretty blunt I can be pretty rough around the edges, and I can have have a strong opinion also too. Here are some of the confessions that I have for being a Realist.

I can come off extremely blunt. Part of this reason is because I am blunt I guess you could say. I dont believe that I should be sugar coating things when it comes to my opinion. The only time I will end up sugar coating things is MAYBE when I am talking to my grandmother, who is over the age of 80 and well, sometimes sugar coating things can be a little bit easier than the reality of it all. I think when it comes to giving my opinion, giving it bluntly or thinking about it realistically is the best way. Obviously I won’t be as harsh if someone was asking me about whether or not an outfit looked good on them. I would be honest but in a kind way, and not in the white lie tell them it looks good sort of way either. I have the strong believe that if a person is coming to your for your opinion it really is in the best interest to give it to them straight, even if they don’t like the answer that you have said.

Which comes to the next point, Friends sometimes come and go because they cannot handle the truth when it comes to being a realist. I am honest and I am logical with opinions and when it comes to viewing things (Most times because we all know that people also can think on their feet and want to have things done right away even if it is not the best ideas..). Friends sometimes ask for opinions and when you give it to them straight they aren’t sure how to react or are not willing to except an opinion even if it sounds harsh. Most times, as a realist my intentions are not to be mean or hateful. Someone asks my opinion, I give it to them, they are unable to handle it, and thus starts some mini war between friends where one gets a bit snotty and aggressive towards me. Which then, I have to explain what I meant though normally the statement “If you couldn’t handle the truth why ask?” comes out. This is especially true among friends who are discussing relationships. Someone is in maybe a crummy relationship, They ask their friends for an opinion even though they know they are not going to like the response, and then they go back to ignoring the opinion and letting it happen until they are actually ready to end the relationship and then they comment about how you were right all along.

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Not everything is bad when it comes to being a realist. I know that I have been told I am a realist and thanked many times for giving my opinion on things. Sometimes friends or family see things in the worst light possible. As a realist, I sometimes also give a positive spin on to a problem also. Again, sometimes people don’t want to hear a positive spin on something because they want to wallow in self pity and look at the situation as a bit problem but that isn’t always the case. There can be a positive outcome if you only look for it. Though I will have to admit, there are many times that I find myself trying to look at my own problems this way but struggle with seeing it that way. Normally I will ask my boyfriend who I would say is also a realistic to some extent who gives it to me straight and normally I also do not like what he has to say because it disagrees with what I have to say. But I get over that pretty fast (Sometimes anyways!)

I dont think there is enough realist in the world today. I think we are in a world where people would rather have everything sugar coated and brushed over so that when a real trauma happens they are unable to cope with them. People are willing to be “people pleasers” and by doing so they are harming others because they are living in this fantasy world. Not everything is rainbows and roses, in fact it rarely is! If there were more realist in the world I think people would be more able to cope with stressful situations like being declined a job interview, rejection from a relationship or friendship, tough financial decisions they might face also. When we caudal people through their entire life they believe that nothing bad will happen. Giving someone a realistic approach will better help children grow up also (In my opinion). Maybe that is why my mom always asked us “If we were bleeding or on fire” When we would call her at work for stupid things we wanted to do which we knew we were more likely allowed or not allowed to do but we still wanted to put her on the spot anyways.

I know for me, I will never stop being a realist. If people don’t accept that about me, well than they don’t. But I refuse to believe that I should change my way of thinking to please people. Not to mention, I am way to old to be playing games with people. If you are prepared to have an honest answer, I welcome anyone to ask anything to me. If not, well, don’t ask!

Do you consider yourself to be a realist?

Or are you someone who tends to sugar coat everything when asked different questions or your opinion?

Let me know in the comments below, I am curious to see just how many realists there is here!