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How I Quit Weed for Pregnancy

I love smoking weed. I would say i smoke weed far more than I ever drank. There is just something about it that I enjoy doing like at the end of the day or on a weekend just wake and baking and tackling some chores and getting things done. I wouldn’t necessarily say i was a pot head as there is times in my life where I did not smoke nearly as much as I would have liked but overall since I first started smoking weed at 16 years old I would be a semi regular weed smoker, with the exception being my early 20s when I would lighten up a bit when i first moved in with my boyfriend now. Due to his job, he was not particularly fond of it being smoke a lot so It was more of an occasional thing that would happen.

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fast forward to when it became legal in Canada and i was a full blown pot head. i was smoking it daily after I was back from french school (I was living in Quebec at the time it became legal across the country) and I was smoking it all day every day on the weekends when I had no where to go. I wasn’t and still am not a stupid stoner either. I never smoked and drove. When I was a teenager sure myself and friends were reckless HOWEVER I never got my license til i was 21 and when that happened I vowed to not be the same person smoking and in cars with people who smoked either.

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Now, Keep going forward. I find out that I am pregnant. I would be lying if I said there was not challenges to this. While trying to conceive I still smoked regularly as well too. I never really slowed down. Which I know sounds cray but I felt like if that test ever came up positive then I would be able to just stop which was what happened. With my 1st pregnancy I actually tested early in the morning, the reason was I had to go to the bathroom and i was running out of weed. If the test was negative I would have gone and bought more, if it was positive I was done. At least for the duration of my pregnancy. It was positive! I had the smallest little bit of crumbs left that I rolled into a pinner, I called my friend, we laughed and cried because of how exciting this was and it was my last joint for the next 9 months. My second pregnancy, I actually had gotten an order for weed online and was waiting to receive it when I had taken a pregnancy test and it was in fact positive. So I never smoked any of what I had gotten and low and behold I forgot it at my uncles as well hen we stayed there before we left.

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People always ask if it was hard for em to stop smoking weed. The short answer is No. It was very easy for me. Something inside clicked. I would never say that I was addicted to weed even smoking a joint once my son went to bed at night as he got older. Always when my BF was home because if it was just me alone I never smoked weed. That being said something just happens when you become pregnant that there is more things along the way that are more important in the process. I had a living being that would be growing inside of my body and it was time for me to just stop. Sure the first few weeks are a bit of a minor bummer when you are breaking the habit of your evening routine however in the long run it really was not that hard. Thankfully my BF also does not smoke a lot if at all as he prefers to have a beer at the end of the day or a drink, so I was not really tempted by the smell though either.

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One big deciding factor why I would stop smoking weed is that there is not enough studies on the effects of smoking weed and pregnancy and what there is as far as information I did not want to be responsible for something happening. Even if something so small happened I don’t think I would live with myself if that was possible to be the reason why. I wouldn’t have a drink during pregnancy so why would I smoke a joint. As you know from my blog post about wine vs weed here I view it the same. If i was to do something and anything happened even if it was not the cause of smoking weed I know I would not be able to forgive myself and that I would blame myself for the rest of my life. Even the unknown and risks we do know were not worth it. At this point I think if you are unable to quit smoking weed when you become pregnant maybe you should not be getting pregnant to begin with. I know that is a very blunt opinion but that is how I see it.

As you can see for me, quitting smoking weed during my pregnancy’s has been easy. Maybe I just have a good will power at some points in times but as I said, something clicked. Does that mean I don’t think about it often, no. I do look forward to when this baby is our and my bf and I are relaxing on our deck taking in each others company him sipping a cold beer and I puffing a joint, with our kids asleep. But for the time being I can wait a few more weeks til that happens! I love the fact that I am not one of those people who are super focused on smoking that it consumes my life. I also love the fact that I enjoy a little treat at the end of the day where i can veg out and or tackle some tough cleaning tasks also too!

Were you or someone you know a weed smoker before pregnancy?

Did they find it hard to quit when they got their positive test too?

Let me know below!