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Unspoken Rules of Streaming

Different from streaming don’ts here is a few of the unspoken rules of streaming. Each subject will be from a streamer perspective to a viewer perspective as well. Being a streaming and understanding a viewers standpoint is just as important as streaming itself. The better that you can understand your audience the easier you will understand streaming. These are the time of things that you normally will not know until you do it yourself or you see it done. I say this because a lot of people who want to start do not really research it before hand, they simply click their “Go Live” button and hope for the best. Which is totally fine, however you do not want to be caught in a place where it can be awkward or you find yourself doing one of these tacky unspoken rules.

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No Self Promo
Streamer: DO NOT DO THIS. SERIOUSLY. There are a few things that look worse then when you go to a stream, or are the streamer, And you have someone random come into your chat to comment about their personal streams. As a streamer DO NOT do this to other streams. This includes veiled Self Promo ie: “Yeah I’m about to start the stream, have a great day though” Blah blah blah. Change this to “Heading to do a few things” or “I have to run for a bit, I might be back later” but do not self promo. Its a quick way to be scolded if not timed out or banned in a channel. This includes channels you may frequent every day. Chances are if you are close to the streamer they will talk about your stream when they pop in on their own terms. Not on yours.

Viewer: Don’t go into another streamers streams and shout out your friends and their streams. It looks tacky and does not help your friends. Not to mention its a great way for the channel you promo yourself/friends in to troll the promoted channel. This also includes if you are commenting on other streams. Its one thing to be in a stream but it’s another to be like “Oh so and so went live, Imma dip”. These don’t always make the streamer feel great. Sometimes we have to remember that the golden rule is key here.

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Talking about others while live
Streamer: Talking about other streamers when you are live is a quick way to be clipped and called out. It starts unnecessary drama and shouldn’t happen. Do you ever see HUGE partnered streamers talking about each other? Not normally. There is a reason for this. As much as there is a large percent that does like drama, or to hear the latest juice, there is also a larger part that does not want to join a stream to hear the streamer

Viewer: Stop trying to bait streamers into talking about another person. A big reason for this is you look foolish and drama fueled. Whats worse is that people will go to streamers chats and do this in order to bait these clips above as well too. If you try to do this which I STRONGLY would suggest not to. Respect the streamer. If they ask to drop the subject or not to talk about that here. Do it. Or again you risk being banned or timed out. Streamers have enough drama on their plate they don’t need to be baited into creating more. Politics and Religion are other topics that are widely known to not be spoken in twitch chats. Mostly due to the fact that so many people have various views on this and chat can become very sour very quick. Another reason is when you talk about these particular topics (Though any topic can also generate this) it normally becomes personal. Something a streamer may just not have the time to deal with when the time comes so the best practice is to avoid it all together. (Unless specifically stating that your channel is about this subject)

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Back Seat Gaming:
This can be super tricky I would say a major rule of thumb would be to look at the tags at the bottom of the stream. If you do not see these tags it may just be safe to assume that the streamer DOES NOT want any spoilers or help. Twitch has tags where you can see if streamers are encouraging backseat gaming, or no spoilers or no back seating. Remember also that a lot of streamers do in fact talk out loud and they might appear to be asking for help but they aren’t really though. Before spilling the secrets of a boss fight or how to conquer the next aspect of a series of segments in a tough game, ASK. Or wait and see how the chat is. Normally a regular (If that’s not you) will help or will comment on ways to help.

Being Creepy/Asking way to personal questions OR  Hitting on streamer
Nobody likes this shit. Some times people forget that streamers DON’T want to talk about their life on stream. While others don’t mind it at all. Being creepy and trying to make something bigger with a streamer can make things super awkward. And what is awkward for one person is not for the next. For me I HATE when people call me baby or babe. My BF doesn’t even call me that and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That being said I’m sure that there are streamers who actually enjoy this as well too. It really takes a lot of skill to read a streamer and what makes them feel icky. Not to mention if they have a web cam then you can NORMALLY see visibly if they are uncomfortable with the topic. This also means prying for personal information. If a question is asked once and the streamer declines replying, OR if they ignore the question, This is also a great indicator that they do not wish to respond. Some streamers just do not want their personal side to be showing to everyone and are hiding that. There is nothing wrong with that!

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Talking about viewer numbers
This can also be a tricky one. I know a lot of people do not like to hear their viewer counts in fact a lot of people turn them off. It is however a great indicator on how you are doing though in terms of growth. As a streamer a lot of times people don’t want to hear viewers it can make them focus too much on them and it can make them nervous and not relaxed. Sometimes people also get a host with a bunch of viewers as well too and you don’t want to make it awkward in that sense by mentioning it. Whether they have a whole lot of viewers or a smaller number then normal. I normally turn off the viewer counts because when it is a slower day I focus too much on it and become quiet. However depending on my mood I do leave it on from time to time as well too!

Nothing is a big damper when someone comes in chat and points out “Where are all your viewers gone” or “Whoa how did you get so many viewers”. Let people live in the moment. This falls under the same category when viewers come into chat and comment how quiet the chat is. Sometimes chat is just quiet. Maybe there is a lot of lurkers for the day? It honestly just depends. But going into someones chat to point these out can really put a damper on how the stream is going.

Regardless, These are all valuable tips from both streamer and viewer perspectives brought to you by folks in the community! Be mindful and remember, If you aren’t being constructive, And you think your comment might hurt someone, Is it worth even saying it!

An Open Letter to Twitch

Firstly, let this be a warning that this is going to be long, emotional, and also maybe a bit personal as well too. My goal in writing this is that MAYBE some of you reading this feel the same way, and would like to start holding Twitch up to the standards that they set.

Here is my personal story from the last week about this:

I was playing DBD on my stream. I main the game, love the game whatever. Pre-game lobby I noticed a viewer in my list by the name of ***** (I wont be sharing the name, You can find it by going back through my tweets on the video that was viewed over 1.7k times last I seen). Game was against a Michael Myers. I was immersed and seen by the killer. Cool. I was then hooked. Now on MY SCREEN it appeared that this person then camped me, with Michael’s stalking so that there was no heartbeat. As I was saved they immediately came back and hooked me a second time when I gave up and was done and over with the game. When in the end game lobby (I was the first person to die I think? If not the second one to die). When I was in the end game lobby the person had their name with *****|TTV…. The same name that was in my chat THE ENTIRE GAME! I instantly banned them, And obviously while heated said they were a fucking idiot, they were extremely greasy, and if they wanted to stream snipe people, maybe use a different name so when they are in someones chat they aren’t seen so easily. Of course I was pissed that someone played the same game and was sitting in my chat. It’s a greasy move. For anyone wondering, Survivors cannot see the killers user name til AFTER the game, Killers can however see the user name of survivors.

One might ask, Well how did he know you are a streamer? My name on steam is “StaySeeJ08” however on my profile I have a streamer on twitch with my twitch link. This person directly went to my channel from looking at my profile. I was not the one who had “TTV” in my name. Now looking back, Sure I could have handled my words a bit wiser. Anyone in this situation thinks that way and reacts on emotions instead of thinking things through. It really is a crap situation when you have someone who tries to ruin a game.

Here is the kicker though, After my stream I went back to their VOD. Maybe I WAS over-reacting, Maybe they legit weren’t stream sniping and was in my chat waiting for whatever reason. Who knows. I went back to the time I checked their stream (After the game when I discovered their username) I went to the pre-lobby when we all entered in. At this point I seen this person checking profiles. Okay cool, That’s how they went to my channel, BUT while in the process of checking out my things, They felt the need to Harass me AND belittle me. They specifically said things like “I cant believe she is on a STREAM TEAM! She only has 13 subs, I have 42 subs!” and “How can she be sponsored with such little sub counts! I have way more then she does”+”I cant believe this”. At this point it’s looking like my reactions were in fact correct, Though after watching the game stream sniping can for sure be debatable. It’s not til AFTER I banned him from my channel for the suspected sniping that I continue to watch the VOD. This individual is now in voice chat with their friend where their friend asks “Do you have tits?” at some point because for some reason it is super hard to believe that someone “Like me” is on an actual stream team based on my low subs or the fact that I have a sponsor through my ORG since you know, low sub counts. Apparently I don’t provide enough for my viewers that they feel the need to comment about my weight next. The streamer whom I accused of sniping which I now know was in fact targeting me (Which was also stated on a clip on my twitter when they said “I’m not even going to lie, I targeted her this game”) made this statement “I’m supposed to kill you, That’s my job. What do you expect me to do, Suck your dick? Which I’m sure you have one under all of those rolls.” For the record. I am 7 months pregnant, so yes, I do have a roll. In fact, It is one large roll that normally kicks from time to time. He will be born end of February or beginning of March.

Now sure, I accept the fact that this individual streamer may feel heated, rightfully so, as was I. He has every right to comment on me calling him the names I did. What he doesn’t have the right to do, Is comment about my weight, Comment about my subs or viewers, or even comment about my channel. I never commented about his physical appearance, his channel, his sub counts, but for some reason this person feels the need to attack me in this way because quite frankly, there is nothing else to comment about.

As per his concerns:
” How can an e-sports player act like this? This is exactly the problem in E-sports.”
— I am not an E-Sports player. I am a content creator on a stream team which has e-sports teams for varies BR’s and different games. None of which I play or am on the team for.

“How can she get a sponsor, she only has 13 subs?”
— The sponsor seen on my profile is that of my teams. However, If you were that concerned about sponsors then you can EASILY create an email to ANY type of person you want, Elgato, Supplements, Energy drinks, etc. After doing so you can see if they will sponsor YOU and there you have it.

“I know a friend who is a pharmacist tho knows stuff and in my opinion she isn’t pregnant shes just fat, Ive seen when she sits up”
— I am due between March 7th to 11th. There is photos on my twitter, Instagram as well of the ultrasound. If it was that big of a concern you would see the photos as of recently at 30ish weeks and a year ago are very different in terms of my body. As well as twitch clips on my YouTube as well too. My body has changed a lot in the last year. And I wouldn’t change that for the world. Not that I was super skinny before my son will be born, but I am a lot bigger now with him growing, Naturally.

“She has a busy background on her cam, OMG”
— This is an art project that I started in 2019. It began with the FeelsStonedMan and continued rotating with partner and affiliates painting an emote from their channel (With their permission). This was something I did on Sundays (Which I know you can relate to since you sketch up designs for you VR things).

As for your YouTube video as well. Seems the comments are super interesting. Whoever you are talking to D’Jango Markov .. You look like a desperate person for attention comment to them as if it was me. You have seen my YouTube. I put my short clips there. No click bait. They are just there as a place holder that some day maybe Ill learn to edit. The only thing I have done is like comments and obviously down vote your video. You have sadly played yourself here by talking to someone which you seemingly respond to as if it was me. Why, On YouTube would I make a fake account to comment when I have used my public twitter, discord is also public FYI since your Friends so desperately think “There is no way to communicate since she shut that down”. You know my YouTube name why would I change it and especially to something like D’Jango which has no relation to myself? That just sounds silly. Whats pathetic is you and your friends continuously talking about it on stream and my weight. And for the record. Stats don’t mean anything. You can have a higher average viewers, higher average, (BTW the day I had 80 viewers average was when I was on front page for a fundraiser for charity. It has nothing to do with the team hosting/raiding me. Thanks) I’m not entirely sure which route you would like to take, but this whole “Comparing” each of us is something YOU have become obsessed with. Not me. Clearly something completely bothers you about my stream or my personality or my viewers or my socials if you continuously feel the need to come at me like this.

Now back to the behavior, Is this acceptable for Twitch as a company to allow happen to their broadcasters? Now mind you this individual has gathered his viewers and also reported me (Note: He was banned back in August of 2019 as well for whatever reason according to his twitter). I have also gathered mine and reported him for harassment and bullying. What has happened? Nothing. Nothing at all. Not to mention there is now a YouTube about myself extremely edited and using my stream without my consent as well too. I could blame myself since I made the 1st move to Twitter with the clips. If there is one thing, I’m not going to be harassed and bullied BEFORE THE GAME EVEN STARTED. His response when questioned on the YouTube video about not putting certain clips I had that skewed his view, was that I skewed my view of him. Touch√©. However, Do not claim you put “Unedited” footage into a video when you clearly edited the pre-game lobby when the hate was spewing before the game even began. For someone who seems to point to myself as “Playing a victim” card, It seems to me that the only victim(s) here are the people who haven’t truly seen/heard what you have said about me. Especially the end game lobby when the trash talk had started and I was no longer in the lobby to defend myself either. It was brought to twitter. No mention about it on streams for 3 days, make that 4 counting last nights since this person seems to mention it avery time someone in chat mentions the world “Elf sniping”. If people come in my chat, I simply say we aren’t discussing that subject and move on. However day in and day out there seems to be an obsession with this individual who comments continuously for 2-3 hours per stream about this, Not to mention having one of their viewers “lurk” my channel to see if anything is said (Which its not). If you spent half as much time on trying to focus on your own channel instead of others maybe you wouldn’t have been banned back in August of last year. Just maybe.

Which makes me want to ask the question: At which point does harassment/bullying/targeting in game bring consequences? Is there a point?

Twitch, You do a pretty HORRIBLE job at helping your platform be safe. I’m not saying that every little thing should be reported and nit picked however being on the platform for nearly 3 years the amount of abuse, targeting and harassment to all different types of people need to be addressed. From being in my friends streams who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community having to deal with hateful messages, and people of color having to see racist comments as well as both communities dealing with usernames that are SO OBVIOUS but super bizarre that some type of Twitch algorithm does not pick up on these. There is a lot of clever people as well so I wont deny that, but why is is such that the obvious names are let to slip through the cracks with people who have the ability to abuse others and belittle them based on varies reasons?

It is 2020, there HAS to be some sort of reason or way for you to adopt a system like say Overwatch, Or other games on your platform (Dead by daylight this is also at YOU!) to at least acknowledge that a report has gone through, a person will investigate and or the results of such ie: Action has been taken against *Username*, Findings unclear, Nothing has been against ToS. Sure, It will take man power but you know what it can also do, Give a few more jobs from your company to deserving people.

There is no denying that Twitch is by far the leading platform as far as viewers, streamers, unique content, and overall experience. That being said, Why are you not STRIVING to hold your content creators to the utmost highest standard? It takes outside forces for particular streamers such as law enforcement, PETA, etc, to make the first call instead of YOU. I get it. I’m not blind. These streamers have thousands of subscribers and are generating you money. Do you not think that there is someone else on the platform ready and willing to be the best person they can be to replace these people? Does a paycheck from these entertainers mean so much that they can bend the rules?

2020 is already here. The amount of controversy that has been laid out in 2019 is astounding in the world of streaming. Especially on this platform alone. You were the ones who said that We, The streamers and community wanted a clearer and respectfully precise standard for your ToS. You said that is what WE wanted. We still don’t have any clearer picture here. It’s foggy and it is completely bias sometimes as well. Sure, Every case is different. I get that, however there are some things COMPLETELY black and white that are still being ignored and unaddressed. Why do you have to wait for a controversy or a major uproar in order to do something about this. Set HIGH standards before there is a riot.

As for viewers, This little piece is for you. If “booby streamers” are that big of a problem. STOP GIVING THEM ATTENTION! Personally, I could care less if boobs are half hanging out, or if butts are being shaken. Personally, I am not comfortable doing that but if that’s how someone pays their bills who are we to judge that. If they are within ToS let them be, and if they aren’t, Stop sharing clips of them. You are only fueling their success about it. Bringing MORE people to their channels. Start fighting for real issues here. Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Bullying, Targeting, Transphobia. I could go on with SO MANY MORE types of things that are FAR more important to fight for instead of a pair of boobs on the screen.

And with that, If you read to the end of this, Congrats. I didn’t think half the people would. This is my feelings right now. Something has to change.