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Content Creation should NOT be a Grind

“Grind out hours”
“Can’t wait to grind out the stream”
“Let’s Grind it out”

These are all things that you see across twitter all of the time or any part of streaming. There is some part of streaming, whether you have been streaming for years or you are just streaming new that somewhere and some how people will refer to streaming as being a “Grind”.

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To be completely transparent, I also was one of those people who would refer to streaming as being a “grind”. I thought I had to put everything I had into streaming and any waking moment when I was not working or doing something I had to be live no matter the time of day. I would stream sometimes multiple times a day. I would stream before I had to work. I would stream after I got home from work. I would stream for hours and hours and hours on end to the point I just was live all of the time. Or in the very least it was nearly a second full time job in many aspects. That was not including trying to grow on Twitter at the same time. I was in the mindset that if I was not live, I was not able to grow. I had to be live and I had to be active in order to see any followers and things.

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Let me start by saying this, Nothing in life should be a grind. Whether your job, streaming, life, or whatever goals or dreams you have, Nothing should be a grind. Implying that something is a grind is basically saying that if you dont spend your every waking moment doing that you are wasting your time. Regardless about whether or not you are into any of these things nothing should be a grind. This is not good for a person mentally to be putting every single bit of effort into trying to be successful. Streaming is no exception. You know what they say “Work smarter not harder”. Being live or producing content does not mean spending every waking moment putting it out.

For example. I started blogging in 2020 before my son was born. I primarily started to write about streaming. I know, small niche however I also had like nothing in terms of knowledge. I had no idea about tags and I certainly did not know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What I am going to be doing here in the new year for 2021 is almost revamping these blogs, adding proper tags and trying to re-use content that I dont think is bad, but it just is not at a point of helping me to reach potential people. Sure it is recycling content, but it doesn’t have to be about making something new every single day.

Starting in 2022 I am also trying to change up my streams for another example. Currently I have been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight or even Stardew Valley. I dont think I am going to go very far in many games because I just do not have the time to be live all of the time. I barely have time to even sit back and game when you think about it either. I am looking at probably cutting back on how many days I stream per week to just Monday’s and Fridays and hopefully will be switching to some art streams and crafting and creating. Which is completely different than what I was used to streaming however I would like to grow a real business and I think this could be a great way to hopefully get the ball rolling while killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

Creating content should not be a grind. If you find that it is a grind you need to ask yourself if it is even worth it. Are you spending hours and hours per day streaming or doing whatever else to be live for no viewers or no views? Are you managing your time to stand out and try to in the very least grow other socials? There is so much more in the way of creating content that you need to be pulling people in from many avenues and not just clicking the publish, or going live button. If you are spending hours and hours streaming it would probably a lot more helpful to even cut your hours in half and try to grow socials or network and figure out plans. The hardest part is they since Covid has hit everyone seems to think that content creation is the next big thing and super easy to do. It’s not.

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I always said, When you look at the type of content creation success rates look at Hollywood. How many people do you think go there in hopes to be the next big movie star only to find themselves being rejected by agents all over town and going back empty handed. This is the same with any type of creation. You need to manage your time and set yourself apart from the hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to do the exact same things that you are trying to do. If you are not doing anything to make yourself stand out and hoping that success falls in your lap, chances are, and I hate to say it, you will not be going anywhere.

I think as a collective community we needs to stop calling content creation a grind. We need to start looking at dedication and looking outside of the box. Taking care of our mental health is also important and whether you are grinding out exams for college or you are grinding out your job and overtime to get that promotion, nothing is work a grind. You need to also take care of yourself and you also need to take time away from the dedication. Im not saying ditch it, but separating time and even planning so that way you are finding yourself not feeling the burnout. After all, once you hit the burnout phase, you are already too far into the “grind” that it is no where near the healthy aspect of creating.

Are you guilty of calling it a “grind”?
Do you still call it a Grind?

Let me know what you think and view about content creation, I am sure others are also struggling in a way just as I used to also!

Why you should diversify your content

Before even beginning, you may be familiar with the good ol saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. This is a saying I personally have heard growing up for a very very long time. This basically is just saying that when it comes to things you should not be putting all hopes and dreams into one avenue in case something were to happen.

I think as far as content creation goes this is one of the major reasons and life lessons anyone should learn. Just as life goes, you have a job interview. Quit your current job. And wait to hear back on this ambitions offer only to find out that you never got the job and you are now jobless.

Content creation is never a guaranteed source of income. You can have months where you are eating truffles and steaks, and other months where you are rationing out ramen for the week so you don’t completely starve. Content creation as easy as some influencers make it look, is not an easy job to have nor is anything guaranteed. You maybe a one game streamer where you found your community and suddenly that game shuts down or you have completely lost interest and you find yourself with nothing to play.

This very much carries over for putting all of your content on one platform. Anyone see the major issues with Twitch for example? Twitch is a platform that regularly takes 50% of the earnings that a streamer has. Whether that be subscribers or the tax they charge on their bits for donations. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can be extremely harmful.  Even working in the world what type of company takes 50% of your earnings for themselves. Not to mention this does not factor into the taxes you also have to pay on top of this making your earnings even less.

The best thing you can do is diversify your content. What does this mean? This means stop putting your eggs in one basket! If you for example, stream on twitch, look into putting content else where also. Especially financially. Whether this means striving for YouTube partner, putting some content on a Fanhouse account. Creating a Patreon where you can reward people for different financial tiers. Regardless of which platform you want to bring more content to, an important factor to look at is what percent they take from you. Look at the type of content that you have and whether it is a match for the site. Another important factor worth looking at when choosing a site would be to look at how user friendly the website is. If you have to click 30 things in order to subscribe that may not be the most ideal website to introduce to your supporters.

Success! You're on the list.

What I am doing in this is recently I have made the decision to drop streaming down to 2 days per week. While I do enjoy streaming I find myself slacking and cancelling streams. I want to be regular but while streaming is a very small portion of my income (Maybe 20$ per month, if that) putting time into it when I know I have other skill sets that could better be spent and bring in more income besides playing video games. Plus by dropping 2 days per week I can always stream more if I wanted to.

Another thing I am thinking about doing is taking from the fall of this year til the end of the year and building up some stock to be able to finally launch a crafting and homemade business. I think if I have some stock built up and planning some little giveaways it could be a great way for me to be able to grow my different crafting pages for more potential clients. I have been sewing more and little magnets which will be a start for me by using scraps of my plastic canvas. I have also thought about prints and paintings, as well as stickers and things also too. I am looking forward to this launch and while my newborn sleeps I can also sew while watching some TV and what not as well too which is good to know also. I am trying to think of things that do not require a large area and I am able to do while my oldest sleeps.

I have thought about Patreon however I am not entirely sure how I would do this to be able to make a profit. I will be working on the details as my business grows because it does take a while to be able to figure out costs and things also too. Sitting down and figuring out different things for the prices will come in time.

And finally, this blog! I feel like I am doing okay with the blog and finding who I am while writing and sharing myself with you all. My next step is to monetize things for this. Whether that be different links, pushing different aspects of it, but I do feel like there is a lot for me to learn. I need to focus more on optimizing this and making it better which also includes I think going back to blogs I first started with and re-vamping them in the process too. I also have thought about writing 3x per week in 2022 as well too which will be a bit tougher but I have faith that I can do this if I really put my mind to it and I plan things and blogs. Obviously as you can tell sometimes I do in fact struggle with this blog because life does happen! The growth I have seen in the past year has been great and I cannot wait to see how the end of the year finishes off also too.

Do you post content on more than one platform?

What makes you diverse in producing content too?

Let me know in the comments below, maybe you are doing something others are not sure about!