5 Ways To Be Safer When Staying Home Alone

If you are anything like myself, I am afraid of the dark AND a chicken when it comes to anything remotely scary. If there is one thing that I don’t like what so ever it would be staying home alone. I haven’t liked it at any point in my life and this is no exception even as an adult! I will say though, since having children I do try to be braver even if it isn’t necessarily true. Fake it till you make it right? After all, if something happens than what?! Will I be hailed as a hero or known as being a coward. Here are my 5 tips for staying home alone that anyone can do to feel just a little bit safer in this world.

Photo by Kelly L on Pexels.com

Security system seems like a pretty expensive answer. However you can get doorbell cameras which can be relatively inexpensive. This is also a quick answer but it can be a great solution. Personally we have been talking about getting one however it is a work in progress. We have far more things in our home to try to get done before this happens. They can be connected to 24/7 support so that if anything does happen it will be able to connected to a dispatch and the proper emergency teams can be sent to your home. I feel like this may not be useful in say an apartment complex but if you are like myself where you have a house it may be more needed! It also can be accessible with your cell phone (As are a lot of newer systems are) which may even give you a good peace of mind if you are away on holidays or having someone watch your home while you are unable to be there. Due to our neighborhood though we are fairly confident that people would notice anything outside but we have thought about this as an added feature though when the time comes too.

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Keys by the bed is something that I have done for years. The purpose is so that if you hear something or someone you are able to click your panic button and hopefully alert your neighbors if they are not too far away. I suppose they could also be considered a weapon if you held them a certain way. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to protect yourself when you are home alone. I mean, if you already have a vehicle that is! This is such a neat way that you can even put a spare key in your night table regularly so you don’t have to think about remembering to bring it to your bed every night too. This was one of the very first things that I would do when I was living alone and my dog was a puppy, It made me feel that much safer going to sleep knowing I could have something to alert my neighbors. They were fairly close so I knew if I pressed it at least one of them would hear something.

Lights outside lit is another relatively easy thing to do. We have motion activated lights however if you flick the switch again when activated it will keep them on. I used to do this a lot in our old house also. The more lit the outside is the better chance if something were to happen that someone may be able to see. Not to mention also but if I were to rob someone I would not be attempting to break and enter in a home where all the outdoor lights are on so people can clearly see who I was and what I was wearing. To also tie into this make sure that if your neighbors are close enough they can actually see your house. It kind of defeats the purpose if you have a ll the lights lit but you also have a bunch of trees and things that you are literally unable to even see anything around your home.

The Buddy system sounds easy because it is. This is when you get into the habits if calling people especially when you felt a bit uneasy or needed to unwind. I used to do this a lot pre-kids when I would bring my dog outside from coming home from work. Id work til nearly 11pm and sometimes home a bit later but if I knew my parents or a friend was awake I would call them as I took the dog outside. It was so that I wasn’t alone. Just the comfort of having someone on the phone while I was standing outside with everyone around asleep and no one on the street made me feel a bit better. It also helped me to know that I locked the doors and was making my way to the bedroom also too.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And finally, a dog! This is by far the most expensive and time consuming option because as many may know a dog is another member of the family! It is a companion that you dont just discard when it is convenient for you. We first got our dog when I moved in with my spouse and he was going away a lot for his job. We had already had a cat but obviously the cat would be no good in the event of a break and enter on my home. A dog not only could potentially protect me but also could be a faithful friend for making my home feel less empty. Having a dog around even if he wasn’t a guard dog or anything made me feel safe. And that is too important right?!

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