5 “Me” Things To Do This Fall

Self care is hard. Regardless of the season. I know, I am just as guilty of it too! I never want to do anything for myself and when I do I feel guilty about it. Not this year! This year was one of the first times since becoming a Mom that I try to do more things for me WITHOUT the guilt. I am so excited to share a few thing with you and hopefully also hearing things from you that you may do that I have never thought of before! Regardless if you are a parent or not we need to spend time on doing things for ourselves, if not the burnout will be fast and swift in letting us know we have spread ourselves too thin.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

One me thing I am doing more is binging my own shows. Sometimes I put every show on hold that I want to watch because I think my spouse will enjoy it. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of shows that I watch that he has literally no interest in at all. I need to take the time to watch some mindless show whether on Netflix or prime. My list of shows to watch is not getting any smaller by me not watching things or waiting for my partner to watch them! Even just re-watching some good comfort shows that I already know and love is a small thing that I want to do for myself. After all, they may even disappear before I have time to watch them! And then I would be the one losing out by waiting so long.

Bubble baths are something I always talk about doing and that is true, I do have baths maybe more often than some. But in the summer time, I don’t typically have a lot of baths. I associate baths with feeling cold. When I feel cold I want to warm up and having a bath is a go to way to do that. I really don’t take a lot of baths except maybe an occasional one in the summer but that is only due tot he fact that I love to shower with the window open (Yes we have a window in the shower) and looking outside. Plus in the heat who wants to put your sweaty body in to the tub and just chill in there. Winter I can say I don’t sweat that much and enjoy a nice bath, sometimes even the same day I have had a shower too! Nothing beats just laying around with special salts or bubbles or maybe even a nice favorite drink and a good book to just lay around and totally relax your body!

Hike somewhere new or visit a park is something that I too want to do. I won’t lie I do not like the heat. But having children I feel like we need to be outside more in nature and what better way than to take advantage of the cooling temperatures that are happening. Plus how beautiful is it to be out in the world, maybe away from technology, and admiring the changing season with fall leaves and colors changing all around you. Just breathing in the crisp air and really trying live in the moment. One thing that we are planning on doing ourselves is going to a local park i Halifax called Point Pleasant Park. We have waited though until the older kids are in school because again, not huge fans of crowds and if we have older kids I school it may just be less busier.

Getting a new book can be for any time of year but why not make it about fall. Did I mention that I too have 2 poetry collections out, one called The Darkness and the other called The Light. What better way to spend some me time with yourself reading and exploring a brand new world of whatever topic you want to read about. This is something that I need to do more of. There are so many great authors that I am learning about while writing my own books that I want to dive into reading a few that I have had on my wishlist for a while. Not only that, but I feel like as an author I should be doing even more reading to try to really hone in on my own skills in poetry writing as well as prepare for my writing of short horror stories (Half the reason why I got this new laptop that I am typing on now!).

Changing appearance in some way shape of form is one easy way to spruce up yourself. Personally I am one to change the color of my hair often so it makes the change easy however you don’t have to do it with hair. You could get a tattoo or piercing, maybe even up upgrade your wardrobe as well too. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on this, painting your nails a new and wild color that you maybe have never done before is one way to o that for next to nothing cost wise. Even if you want to update your wardrobe and don’t want to spend a fortune there is plenty of thief stores around I am sure that you could take an adventure to with a friend or two and try on totally different styles to help to create your own, new, reinvented one.

Regardless of what you are planning on doing this fall, there is never anything wrong with doing something for yourself. I know, With everything in the world it can be hard to be a little bit selfish, but at the end of the day when you do take that time to be a little bit about you and not everyone or everything around, you will be wondering why you never did it sooner! Everyone deserves a little bit of me time, whatever that may be, and regardless of background. You deserve it!

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