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It’s a New month with BIG news! – March Update 2023

Another month of trying to be active here and this is what’s happening! Prep yourselves, this may end up being a long one!

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FINALLY I am feeling a bit better pregnancy wise. The nausea and sickness seems to be slowing down. I say that as I threw up yesterday after coming back from the store. I don’t know what it was but something did not agree with me that is for sure. I knew when I ran in and got a few things that I was probably going to be sick. I’m just super thankful that it never happened in the car! Especially since I was gagging the entire drive home which was NOT a good sign and literally made me nervous about having to clean up a bigger mess!

Also, we found out that we are having our third and final BOY! I will say though, I don’t really feel any gender disappointment. I talk more about that here in a blog post. We always wanted 3 kids so that’s why we are having them. It was never about chasing a certain gender. We wanted to have 3 and for some reason I always envisioned us having 3 boys. That being said if this one was a girl then that would have been a pleasant surprise too. We just never honestly had a desire to have another kid to see if we could have another gender. I think when you have another one in hopes of an opposite gender that in itself is where a lot of gender disappointment comes from. Especially if you aren’t exactly ready to bring another child into the world and you soul goal is to achieve the “perfect” look of a family. None the less we are so thrilled to finally be finishing this chapter of our lives and moving onto the raising of these strong willed boys to be respectable young men! All while hopefully maintaining some of our sanity along the way too!

I have been trying to craft up a storm. Keeping busy and sewing has been a saving grace for me. I really want to make it work for me in terms of crafting and growth and even trying to build enough stock to approach local businesses to see if they will put my creations in their stores. I feel like the first year or two is the hardest starting off especially since I’d love to so markets one day because I am only one person sewing and creating. So for me I feel like just doing basic holidays and doing seasons is a lot as I sprinkle more creative things in the mix as well! I love creating though. I also hope in the near future to be able to have a bunch of patterns on Etsy since they never expire and it could be another stream of revenue as well, Though creating the patterns is where I need to start. Id like to have maybe 25 up there before the baby is born which is totally doable once I sit down and plan it out!

Poetry I need to keep stepping up though. That is challenging and hard sometimes though. However I need to do better and promote because no one else is going to do that for me. I also want to create more collections but as normal that is half the battle I may start to write some goals monthly on what to do and try to get things going in that regard. I do have a few goals for the year but with life it’s just going through motions a bit too!!

Overall though, things are going well. I will say more often than not I am really thinking about weight loss. I am excited to get back to focusing on health and becoming a better version of myself. I feel like I have a lot of motivation to do this with 3 growing boys and a desire to be able to play with them for as long as possible and not have to worry about catching my breath. I have already thought about ways I would like to do this but I will be hopefully writing more in a blog as the time approaches. Right now I’m just focusing on being healthy and trying to not over eat. Habits like writing or sewing I am hoping will get me through cravings and times when I am bored and want to munch or over eat. That is as I’ve mentioned many times, a major reason why I find it hard to lose weight. Another thing that I need to do more of is that I need to drink more water. Something I hope I can keep going after pregnancy! I also think I am going to do my best to also stop adding sugar to things like my coffee. I also hope to have a brand new calorie counting/ mental health journal ready to go for after the baby is born so that I can have things ready for when I’m ready. I wont be going gun-ho in here. I want to start slow with maybe 4 days a week and increase as time goes. I don’t want to get discouraged because I went too hard too fast.

I am so hopeful for March to be a great month ahead that I am so looking forward to planning the final months before this final little fella makes his way into the world. It seems wild for us to believe that we are nearly half way through the final pregnancy. While it is bitter sweet I am so very happy to never have a pregnancy again. And after this no more morning sickness too!! I feel like a chapter is closing and while another is opening, It is simply wild to think that the next part of our lives is just raising out boys to be the best they can be with great morals!

I’M SORRY BUT I AM BACK! (Feb 2023 update!)

Okay. First of all, I had entire intentions to come back January and go strong. But I totally was like NOPE and skipped the entire month. Sometimes I focus on different things in my life, ie: crafts, poems, etc and for me I was just totally not feeling it. If I am being totally honest. I just did not feel like writing. I didn’t feel like fixing blogs that I wrote and I didn’t feel like scheduling anything. But that is okay! We go through phases in lives where we like to do things more than another and vice versa. This was one of those times where the blog was on the back burner and I was focusing on other things.

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One big thing for this is that I am actually EXPECTING AGAIN! This is our 3rd baby and believe me if it wasn’t I would be considering it. I won’t go into all of the nitty gritty details as usual, I will be putting out a formal blog post with all those but let’s just say that this is very very rough compared to the first two pregnancy that I had. I will be sure to link the new blog here once I have it written too!

Crafting is something that I have been focusing on as well. Magnets, Bookmarks, Pins, and now Earrings. I have been trying to just keep busy. I use plastic canvas and I have been super happy with how things are going and been trying to pursue this. As I talk about different avenues of income this is one that I feel could be making it’s way up there with poetry once I get myself together for marketing for that! It has been a lot of fun being creative and I am really looking forward to building stock to hopefully one day be able to do markets to help grow myself as well. Though right now with kids, pregnancy, and a husband who is military and could be sailing different places, markets just aren’t in the cards right now and that is totally okay. I will keep going and striving to build an online presence while I am unable to go to different places physically!

Poetry is also coming along. I have a bit of a plan for marketing the books I have written as well as big plans to write more for this year to release next year. I am so excited to be able to keep writing and growing myself as an established poet. I think it will be awesome and such a cool legacy to leave behind for the world. It’s just promoting that I have been slacking on lately. I hope to get back into regularly posting to TikTok and Instagram on my poetry account also.

Another thing that has been playing on my mind a lot has been that I want to lose weight which obviously I am not focusing on now.. since you know Ill be gaining weight anyways. But once I am healed and whatever else I am setting a goal of 4 days per week to work out. I am looking forward to finally losing weight and keeping it off because I won’t have anymore pregnancy’s to worry about. Believe me this is the last! I am looking forward to getting in shape and just overall being healthy. I fully intent to prep a calorie/mental health journal once I get closer to my due date so it can be fully prepped so that I can start whenever I feel ready. I feel confident that I can stick to it and keep going.

I also am thinking about how I will keep this going for the rest of the year without having any time off since I just missed the last 2 months. My husband will be away for work and this will be about 4-6 weeks of me and the boys. I plan on trying to really hammer down on goals and dreams and whatever else because as anyone can probably say when separated from your spouse the best thing to do is to keep busy so that time flies by. This is my goal! I need to make a to do list for myself because I think that will be a good idea to keep on track though if I can get a lot of things done that would be awesome. Overall I am glad that I finally decided to start this again. As much as it can be challenging.

I also am low key making myself not take naps anymore. I find maybe it has been hindering me when it comes to sleeping at night but also like that is a part of pregnancy too. I feel like if I stopped napping all the time unless maybe my spouse was home, which obviously won’t count when he isn’t but still LOL. I really am trying to use all the time that I have to be productive. Sometimes the 2 hours in the afternoon when the boys are sleeping is a huge chunk to get things done. Eventually Vincent will be done napping in the day time also so that will be the hardest part is no little “break” so to speak too!

And streams, they are basically none existent but mostly due to the fact that I feel so sick all day I literally just want to lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing most days. I feel like my regular viewers totally understand however I just am beginning to feel like I need to just stream when I want to or accept that this just may not be my time to shine in the stream world. I have a family and a lot happening and if I can set myself up right I hope that I can stream when my kids are in school and be able to have it as another income as well as showcase things that i do like poetry and crafting too.

Ill leave this be though as I do have a lot of things to prep and write about to get this going. I am so excited to share things again with you all and cannot wait to bring you along for the ride too!

The time is NOW!!!(For Real) -July 2022 Update

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I know this is probably coming out later than expected for the July Update but honestly, it happens! We are getting very excited. My partner has just taken his parental only 3 months compared to the 9 with our first little one however it couldn’t be at a better time. I am so looking forward to the next few months to have a bit more time to “pretend” like I have a job. If you know what I mean by that!

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One thing I am looking forward to is really tackling getting my books finalized. That being said I have covers being created right now, I have one person doing all three since they are so similar due to them being a trilogy. I will explain more about them in the future obviously I would like it to be a surprise once they come out! I am so happy and yet so very nervous. There is such raw feelings and emotions in these books that I feel extremely exposed. Though I know I am not the only one who can relate to these. That is a huge step for me to see everything coming together in that regard.

I know you guys are probably super sick of hearing this but I am here to say it again for the 14th time. I am going to lose weight. I would say out of all my 2022 goals this is probably the hardest one to reach by far. I am really trying but I get so discouraged. I am sure a lot of you can agree reading blogs like this where I dont lose weight is probably hard. But I am totally taking advantage of the fact that my partner has parental and wanting to lose weight and get ahead of this next and final pregnancy when the time comes. And for the obvious reason that I want to be a healthier version of myself. This time I want to make it different. I want to look at myself and bring back habits when I was working and not able to eat the entire night on the couch. I am going to even be posting mini daily vlogs on my tiktok which you can follow here or at the username @StaySeeJ. I think this is a great way for em to be held accountable and to show you guys what it really is like being a picky eater. I know that I cannot be the only one here who eats this way and I want to show you all that life isn’t just about salads and you can do anything you want to do. This is why I mentioned here about this a little bit on the weekly blogs that for the summer every other week I will have a blog that is pre-written (as you know I do most of the times anyways) I really want to hammer down and show you guys that obviously my food habits are an issue but I can still lose weight or be better at not using toxic behaviors like binge eating nightly I can still have balance.

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As you know I will never limit myself when it comes to snacks and things however I will do things a bit differently in terms of eating. I dont count macros or micros or whatever ohs I always just counted calories. I am trying to think of healthier alternatives though like these reese bars . I also have a can of slim fast chocolate that I hope to put to good use. As I have said before the hardest part for me is when I at at night watching TV like I need to eat food. One big thing I did the other day was that I brushed my teeth early on. I was literally thinking why am I getting these chips. What is the reason? and the only thing I could think of was boredom so I got up brush my teeth and never ate anything else for the rest of the night. That’s progress to me.

Another thing I am so excited about is to be live more also too! Since May I have been doing fantastic in terms of streaming. I have been pretty good at keeping my schedule going. I have had some days off and I have had some shorter streams but knock on wood I have been doing great while trying to be regularly live again. Going live is something I enjoy doing and getting back into it and feeling as great as I do since before I had kids. I feel like I am finally putting it on the forefront again (Obviously with 2 kids I have a good enough reason to not be regular but as a parent we sometimes put ourselves last all of the time when we need to remember we also are important) Check out this blog here if you want to see how I put myself first in more depth. I also am excited to finally have a great background using these lights for my stream area. The two strings that I used fairy lights for one and the second set were round bulbs however not warm white like here the multi color version . The entire side and stream looks fantastic. I may even be preparing for a revamp/re brand here in the near future! Even with a mascot too! I will be streaming now 5 days a week temporarily by just adding Tuesday and Thursdays which I am very excited to be live then. I will be live in the day time and keeping the other 3 days (Monday/Friday evenings and Sunday Mornings) And streaming from about 12 noon Atlantic time (11am EST) and going till about 4pm Atlantic Time (3pm EST). It will be a great time and I am so looking forward to it!

Hello June, I’m BACK!- June 2022 Update –

Okay. First let me say I am sorry there was no update for May. I really thought about it and I just felt like I needed to skip a month. As you know I tend to write my blogs ahead of time. That is what I did here. And by the time I felt line writing the update we were closer to June than May and well, here we are!

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Blogging has been going okay. I have been pretty good aside from my self care Thursday which I will be starting back this week as I also took a break from that too. I need to also schedule tweets of popular blogs a bit more frequently on my twitter so that I keep getting my link out to people with new hashtags.  Also, call me crazy, but I am low key planning blogs for 2023 including some months where there will be nearly a blog every day with different subjects. I feel like 2023 may be a great year for me to really hammer down and try to get things happening in terms of content creation and making a living doing this.

Poetry is also starting back up. I can confidently say that I was very much into writing poems in April that come May I burned myself out. Thankfully I started to type things up already so I am a bit ahead and behind at the same time. June the goals are to finish writing all the poems for the 3 poetry books. And have all of them typed and put into Kindle in order to get prepped for publishing.  I feel like taking the step back was needed and I can keep following through. I need to make a to do list also for what I need to do to publish the books.

**If you like what you are reading through out these blogs, and are looking at ways to financially support the blog, please consider checking out my Ko-Fi link here. You will NEVER be pressured to contribute to towards put any type of money towards the blog however if the thought has crossed your mind, here is a great way to help a stay at home mom provide some financial relief for her family.

Weight loss is still a struggle (Surprising right?).. I went more into detail about that here in the Thursday Update if you want to read it here, instead of me repeating it here and if you are a dedicated reader it might get a little bit stale trying to read the same things over and over.

Streams have been fantastic also! I streamed over 30h in May. That was the most hours streamed in one month in easily over a year. It was so nice to actually follow a schedule and actually spend time doing something I enjoy. June will be a great month and with July, August, September I am looking forward to the increase of hours also too. I am also looking at revamping my discord server to be more “Me” focused. I have always made my server about community.  Starting the Society it was about everyone including me. I want this focus to change to be just me. It’s time that I invest in me as a content creator and not just everyone else. Of course I will still be trying to support everyone I can and there will be places to promote themselves and what not. But Id like to still change focus, clean up the server, etc.

I recently had my first ever in my entire life psychic reading by an amazing women Amanda. It was very enlightening and eye opening experience. There were some things spoken that I never post, talk, speak, even think that often about. We connected on twitter and have kept in touch. I ask her silly questions and am trying to keep myself going spiritually and grow. I cannot wait until I can do my next reading. It was a lot to process though due to the things mentioned but what an eye opening experience for me. If you too would be interested in a reading by all means check her out on Twitter, DMs are open (Dont be a creep!) And she even has an email in her bio too. Ill write a whole blog piece on my experience in the near future!! And hopefully more content on the spiritual journey I have just started also! I swear I am such a newbie I have no idea what I’m doing sometimes!

And lastly, Life! I think life is going pretty well. May was a bit of a smaller month in terms of content as I really never touched poetry, I failed a bit on weight loss, and I was a bit down in the aspects of things. That being said I am not going to beat myself up about it either because we are in a new month. What was interesting was my partner and I went out to our very first restaurant dinner though since before my oldest son was born. That is over two years! We went out for his birthday and my mom was watching the boys. It was a great experience and I was so thankful that we were able to spend quality time out. It was such a weird experience leaving them both home and not having one of them with us. I was so happy though because as much as we are home body’s and enjoy eating garlic fingers and donairs here, it really doesn’t beat the feeling of actually going out and actually sitting down in a place to eat. We need to do it more often, but not too often!

There you have it, Kind of a condensed update for the past 2 months since I was a major slacker and suck at this content creation sometimes. See you in July for the next update and I hope you enjoy the blogs lined up for the month too!