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Things I Do to Workout

I do virtually nothing. Just kidding. There are some things that I do when it comes to working out. That being said, with two kids and being a stay at home mom I do need to be creative. That includes not having a Gym membership. Let’s face it. There would be no way for me to actually get to the Gym. And I dont feel confident leaving my kids with someone even if they had some sort of day care set up either. And by the end of the day I dont feel like going anywhere.

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One thing I did invest in was an elliptical at home. I actually hated the idea of even using one. Until one day a coworker and I went to the gym (this was many moons ago pre kids) and I absolutely loves it. Before then I was about the treadmill and I didn’t even bat an eye at the elliptical . This is more of an expensive investment and unless you are committing to working out with it (which I am guilty of not doing on more than one occasion) it becomes an expensive space saver in your home or the even popular laundry rack. I love the elliptical due to the type of workout that you can do with it by changing resistances and speed and goals.

Now for the inexpensive things. A yoga mat is something I have had for years not just to be used with yoga. It is great to help when you are doing floor exercises and things of that nature too. It is something I use when I am trying to get i to a routine of working out. Along with this is a set of hand weights . Since I am a pretty big rookie I only have 5lb ones but there are plenty of different sizes that you can purchase and use as you go along on your journey. These are just the ones that I use. Eventually I will be going up to heavier weights but for now I dont need to!

Finally. And I know before you even say it. Yes. I am sure that you could find things on YouTube for working out in terms of videos. I also use YouTube for that. However it is nice to have a few DVDs to have on hand just in case you might be traveling, no internet when you workout, etc. I personally have the Zumba DVD and the Jillian Michael’s AB DVD and her Shred one too. If I am working out I dont mind supporting the creators of these workouts. They put the time an energy into it so I feel like supporting them is a great way to keep them doing what they love and obviously I love using.

One thing I really would like to try is to actually walking. I’m hoping in the summer to be going for a walk every day (weather permitted) every morning after breakfast. It shouldn’t be too hot yet for my son’s and it will be a great time for us to get some fresh air and exercise. On our deck we have a covered spot and that is great for the afternoons and out little kiddie pool because it is out of the sun. Plus by that time it is far too hot to go out in the direct sun and our walks there is no guarantee there wont be any!

I think a big misconception is that people think they need to spend thousands and thousands on the biggest equipment phase to get in shape. The bottom line is unless you are motivated there is nothing you can buy to MAKE you work out. You have to have that drive to begin with!