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I’m doing a weight loss challenge – Self Care Thursday – April 14th 2022

I know, I did this late so if you are reading this after the Thursday it is supposed to be posted and PRETEND that I am on time. I swear we will be on time next week! I just have been majorly slacking and wallowing in self pity for whatever reason so I have been behind!

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I have decided to do a weight loss challenge. Through some folks on Facebook there had been a group of a 12 week weight loss challenge. The cost is 25$ and you weigh in on the Monday it starts and whenever you want towards the end. I am not entirely sure if it will go winner take all or not but I feel like for 25$ it still is cheaper than a gym membership or personal trainer that I hope it gives me the motivation that I need. I am so excited to start this and I really hope that I can get some pounds gone and maybe even winning something along the way as it goes too.

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That being said I have started to go back to how I lost weight before. If you know from previous blogs I have lost weight before, mind you this was a long time ago and also before I was ever pregnant but I still lost weight. I have created a new calorie counting book. I am hoping to really deck it out at night to avoid munching and snacking at night. I want this to be more of a journal than a diary or log book. I also may not even be writing the calories of things but just documenting with what I eat in the run of a day. I also am debating if I want to do some sort of fasting like maybe 12pm noon until 7pm max however I am still undecided. I also am going to be doing different things and workout videos and things again too.

I feel like this could be a huge opportunity for me to be with other people who want to also lose weight. One thing I want to do as this journey goes and hopefully the weight also goes is by going through my clothes. That is something that I need to face reality. I do not need the amount of clothes that I have. Number one, some of them may never fit me anymore due to having 2 kids and my body changing. I need to come to that realization and just start weeding out clothes. I barely flip through clothes not let alone the ones that I used to wear to the bars. I need to start de-cluttering my life and clothes is huge. I know there are some underwear that will never fit me again based on my hips being incredibly different now.

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Starting this Monday I will take some before photos and re-post measurements. If you have been someone following this journey you will know that the weight I Have and measurements are probably not that much different than when I first started writing this in January. However I am excited to see where it takes me. I may even write some sort of a guide for the Thursday blogs so that I can talk about the same things every week and make things that much easier. Here is to 12 weeks and getting some what of a summer body back before my spouse has parental and we explore the province with our sons!

I skipped a week – Self Care Thursday – March 31st, 2022


This may be one of the first ever really pre-written self care updates only due to the fact I missed a week. Crazy right?! I’m not even really beating myself up about it (seriously).

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Last week was the first time I was home for overnights with my sons alone and let me tell you how hard it was. Naturally it was challenging because I had my youngest seemingly in his 4 month sleep regression. That was interesting. And my oldest for whatever reason struggled with sleep. And we ran out of coffee so that was hard in itself too! This week I am also alone however instead of my spouse coming back on the Friday he will be back on the Thursday. Which one day big deal but it actually makes a huge deal!

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I also have started Some thing which is why I put my weight at the top of this page. I put my scale away under my sink. I have become way to obsessed with the number that I am really going to try for the month of April to not look at how much I weight. With new weather coming I will be trying to do some more walking with my son’s and I will be really trying to focus on not over eating or eating late at night. I was and still have been weighing myself when I wake up, before I go to bed, and sometimes even in the middle of the day. This is not healthy behaviour. Something needed to stop and this was it. I feel like this could help me a lot to not beating myself up if I have a bad day. So often I will over eat one day and think I am a failure when it is literally one day.

I am also going to make a small chart to keep track of things. Nothing major but just a little snap shot of what I would like to do, like didnt over eat, smoked weed, exercised, no food after 7pm, simple. Im also not really counting calories because again, I become obsessed with that and I know that is not healthy for me. I know when I over eat. I don’t need to also obsess with the amount of calories when I know what I am eating.

Keeping busy can be a challenge but I have really taken off in terms of my writing poems has been going. I have finished one collection that I am currently typing up so I can send it to a few people for their opinions. While writing a few poems here and there. I am so excited and so nervous about this because it is something that is totally new for me. Not to mention I am slowly writing poem titles and ideas for for the next set of poetry collections after Im done these. Crazy to be thinking that far ahead but I just dont want to lose the ideas!

Overall I am feeling pretty good. Id like to do more exercises and seeing the number lower on the scale even if I still am self sabotaging myself. Seeing the number the lowest it has been is huge for me. It makes me realize that if I keep at it I can lose the weight. It just will take some hard work and dedication.

Here is to a new month with new goals.
Weight loss goal: Under 230lbs.

When Will I Learn – Self Care Thursday – March 17th 2022

I swear Ill never learn.  This weekend started with such high hopes and it became diminished by weed and poor judgement.

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I was seeing the lowest numbers on the scale and one weekend was all it took to totally go backwards. I think I will be okay this weekend and by the time this releases I may be back under 240 pounds again. Though the lowest I seen in recent days has been 237lbs which I totally thought let’s eat everything possible because I did a good job. As much as I want to say that the numbers are not a huge motivator they are. I also need to stop rewarding myself with food. For some dumb reason I think I can food should be the motivator when I need to do other things.

One of the hardest parts of this is creating new habits and trying to say goodbye to the old ones. I ate far too much on the weekend which rolled over to Monday. You would think with the sore stomach, and a backup system I have I would learn. For those few days that I over ate I am now paying for it after I get back on track. That is wildly insane to me.  And what is worse is that I obviously still haven’t learned yet to cut that out. Maybe this week will be better and I wont totally screw myself over.

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Working out has been decent. I have slacked in the past week in terms of actually doing it due to the fact I’m pretty I hurt my hip from bring my youngest to bed for an hour which I never want to do ever but some mornings it just is far too early! And then my shoulder was extremely wonky after and that was weird. I have been doing these walk at home videos with Leslie Sansone. They have been going well. I love how easy going they are and accessible too since I watch them on YouTube. Sometimes it is challenging due to the fact one or both kids may be fussy and not napping but I am really pleased overall with how I have been doing those videos pretty regularly.

Now fast forward to the last 2 weeks in March. I am kind of looking forward to it but also not. My spouse is away next week from Monday to Friday and the following week from Monday to Thursday. Typically if he is gone like that I barely if at all smoke weed. Which I indent to keep up! It could really effect my binging on food if I’m not smoking weed. I intent to use that time to really hammer down on habits and even blog writing. As well as poetry. I am nearly 2/3rd of the way finished my 3 books.  Once I am done it will be time to organize my poems and prep them for typing as well as edit them roughly on paper. I am so dedicated to making this work it is a little bit insane! But I am so looking forward to it though. I want to really again get a jump on blogs due to the fact my partner is going on parental also for May ,June and July. For those 3 months I will be streaming a bit more often than I normally would. Keeping the same Mon and Fri days but also introducing a Tuesday and Thursday day time stream in the afternoon just for something to do also.

Overall I think I can be close to my 230lb weight loss goal. We are just over half way through the month and the numbers that I have seen on the scale are re-assuring for sure. I just need to stop feeding my victories with treats and instead maybe reflect and drink some water!!

I feel alright! – Self Care Thursday – March 10th/2022

I am actually trying to get ahead if the weekly check in this week. Who am I?

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I would say this week has been okay. I have snacked a bit but that is alright. As I have mentioned before I am not trying ti limit my snacking. Unless I am high if course! I am nearly trying to watch portions as well as the times that I snack. I still find myself snacking at night which is something I need to work on though. I need to really focus on doing something productive at night. Maybe write some more poems or maybe write in some blogs. Even crafting would be better however I am waiting on my ceiling lamp though in order to get that going. Crafting in the dark has not been great and I don’t want to get myself a headache basically. I already wear glasses and trying to get sewing happening will be a lot!

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Working out has been going okay. I have been absolutely loving these Walk it off workout DvDs that I watch on YouTube.  They are with Leslie Sansone. They are super easy. Require no weights. And I can do them right in my house. Obviously as weather does warm up I will be doing actual walks outside however right now I am loving these. And they are easy to follow along which makes it also nice. I will probably continue to do these til I am either bored of them or find myself in a plateau. I really enjoy the moves not being incredibly hard. Right now I find myself struggling on weekends which I need to just do it. I get lazy and slack but I need to stop making excuses. I have been trying to do a solid 45 minutes which some days has it’s challenges when both kids are supposed to be napping and my youngest is above that apparently.

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Weed has been alright also. As much as I love my midday roach I have only been having a puff in the daytime on weekends and that has been helping tremendously. A big problem with me smoking in the day is that I munch in the afternoon AND in the night. That needed to stop. That ended up me munching the entire day and well, I just cant do that. Smoking at night only would be perfect if I can just stop the munching all together.

Weight has been slowly coming off also. I have seen under 240lbs more in the last week than I have in a few years. I hate that I focus so much on a number but I really cant help it. It is one of the only ways that I can physically see how I am doing on the scale. Seeing the number go down is such a great feeling however I need to constantly remind myself to stop letting myself feel comfortable when it happens. A big issue for me and the scale is as soon as I see it go down I feel like I need to reward myself with food and that is so beyond true that the reminders even then are tricky to remember. I do not need a treat or snack because the number is going down. I need to remember that I am doing a great job and food should not be a reinforcement of that.

Mentally I feel pretty good. I have been really focusing on planning things for my poetry collections. Trying to do graphics and things that will help promote myself as a poet and the free ebook also to grow my subscriber lists. Right now I have 17 people which is pretty huge. I need to keep going and promoting that also too. I would like to email my old contacts from an MLM company that I used to work for. That would be huge in itself if I was to do that. And if people subscribe they subscribe if they don’t no worries! Focusing my energy on different things instead has been helping. I have a new project for my mantel also too. Will it turn out? Who knows! Now for the real test. I got grocery’s yesterday and I need to figure out how not to eat all the junk at once !

March is Mine – Self Care Thursday # – March 3rd 2022

I am so hopeful for March. I am kicking it’s butt.

Some goals that I have set up for March would be that I want to be under 230lbs. I know it seems like a lot especially since I so epic-ly failed at Feb goal but I feel different this month. I am really going to hammer down and work my hardest to achieve these goals. I need to do this for so many reasons that I need to stop making excuses.

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Working out is one thing I need to also hammer down on. I do a few good days and then I am hoping to workout all but 7 days. That is the amount Id like to miss maximum. Now if I miss less days even better! I have been doing some walking workouts that I have seen on YouTube so that has been great also too. I have really enjoyed that. They are simple and super accessible. I have been doing about 45 minutes a day thus far. I don’t want to overwhelm myself so I am just sticking to these once a day at 45 minutes. Once I get too used to them I will change them up. Yesterday my youngest was awake and I brought him out in his chair and still finished. Normally I would make an excuse to not finish if he was awake and that needs to stop. I need to stop making excuses. It was a bit of a broken workout but still counts.

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As for my mental health. I would say it has been okay. Ive been trying to not smoke weed in the day time ad that is a major self sabotage of myself. I smoke in the middle of the day, then I slack off the rest of the day and so I’m over eating from lunch til evening and that is not okay. I have been feeling incredible with doing my workouts and not smoking in the day time too. I find myself way more productive. Maybe a weekend day Ill have a puff but through the week I had to stop. And I feel so much better by doing so.

I also have been trying to focus in my eBook as well. I made one to help grow an email subscriber list for when I launch my poetry books. That has been going great. I want to really hammer down and make a plan on different social media’s and try and make this successful. I have received positive feedback for my poetry that I have released as part of the sampler. I cannot wait to see what I have in store.

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Overall Id say this week I am feeling a lot more relaxed and dedicated and motivated to how I want to improve my life. I need to do this for so many other reasons but I also need to do this for myself. I need to really make sure that I am dedicated for the right reasons. Sure it is easy to say I want to feel sexy or pretty but I also want to be healthy and energetic for my son’s. That is a major driving force as well too

A New Approach – Self Care Thursday 6 – February 10th

I’m trying a different approach this week. I have been writing and reflecting a little by little as if I am writing in a journal or in a diary. Hopefully it helps to be more aware in the moment then just an overview at the end of the week.

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Thurs, Feb 3rd 2022
330am.. And Im feeling like a sad sack of garbage. I really ate 2 cans of Pillsbury croissant dough. One made into cheese croissants and another made with cinnamon and sugar like cinnamon buns. And now I am downing water after just feeding my son. Today there will be no weed smoking. I can do this. 10lbs to lose by the end of the month is totally achievable.

Iced coffee.. Kraft dinner 3/4 box.. Bowl chips.. Hershey’s eggs..

Friday, Feb 4th 2022
Soooo we lost power. There was a big ice storm thing and so there was no power. Good news is no motivation to munch especially if something was in the fridge due to the fact that we needed to conserve the cold in there. We went to my parents for supper since it was warm. Overall Id say not a horrible munching day but only due to the fact we were not home as much and also due to the fact that no power to see them!
Kraft dinner, iced coffee, chips, garlic fingers.

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Saturday, Feb 5th 2022
So last night was FREEZING. We wake up and the whole house is chilly. At about 7 or just after we bring the boys back to my parents house the temperature for the weekend is actually freezing. We end up staying there because our power is still not back. This is after 24h. It just is far far too cold to be able to spend the night in the house.

Sun, Feb 6th 2022
I love my parents dont get me wrong but I am itching to go back to my own home. I would like my own bed and my boys to have their own beds also. We FINALLY get power back nearly 48h after the outage. My spouse goes to the house to double check things. The power is on nut the heat does not work. We dont realize this til we are back with our boys. We call a furnace repair guy in case that is the issue and it wasn’t. After being only 4c I bitterly decide we need to fo back to my parents as it is far too cold for the boys.

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Mon, Feb 7th 2022
Im feeling like a bag of dirt. I had a shower last night at my parents but toally feel defeated. I just would like my own bed back honestly. As far as weight loss goes though I am feeling pretty good considering I havenr smoked weed since Friday and even then it was just a roach too. Which means no real munching.

Tues, Feb 8th 2022
So we slept in the house tonight! There was no heat and we had a pipe leak/burst in the basement for a rad we had 0 idea where it was at. Honestly I swear there are some things that happen with the house that we really have no idea about and it always surprises us. At this point we shouldn’t be surprised at anything honestly. We should just let things happen. We have a plumber coming do the repairs and then heat will finally be back. Mentally sleeping in my own bed last night majorly helped that is for sure. From sleeping on the couch for 2 days it was exhausting even if I didn’t sleep incredibly bad it still sucked. Also thankful for the weather being positive degrees all week so that is a major help also too.

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Wed, Feb 9th, 2022
So I for sure snacked out a bit and honestly I am totally okay with that. Aftwr the week and weekend past I feel like it was not totally obsessive however for sure needed. The past few days have been insane in terms of low key stress and adjusting that I am very happy all of our power is back and it was not major signifigant damage that had happened. I also feel like after today really taking genuine days off of smoking weed to help curb munchies till I have it completely under control. I also had a bath for the first time in a very long time. As much ad I love hot steamy showers I often forget how nice a bath really feels and how it effects my mood. I need to take this bit of self care more often.

Overall I think despite the circumstances of the storm and losing power that I did pretty good. Staying at my parents is never easy because as appreciative as we are it just isn’t our home. We had to adjust and sleep in different situations. Needless to say my sons were very thankful to be back home and in their own beds after this was all said and done.

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I am also so looking forward to warm weather to be able to go on walks daily with my boys also. It will be a lot of fun to be able to explore and get some exercise in as well. This was something that we did a lot when we were living in Quebec and I would really like to do the same once we are able to here.

As you can see too. Some days I did keep track of my food intake sometimes I did not. I am really liking this style to be able to give a snap shot of each day. I hope it is easy for you to read also. I find doing it this way makes me really aware of what or how I did that day because I have to reflect in the moment instead of once a week in case I forget something or miss an important event.

And it doesnt not help that I am also lowest on the scale since starting so far!!
Start weight: 248.8lb (down 7lb since Jan 4th)
Current Weight: 241.8lb

Back to Basics – Self Care Thursday 5 – February 3rd

I feel like every single week I write this will be the week I am held accountable for. Its not. I stand by my goal to lose 10lbs or be under 235lbs by the end of the month.

I was going to attempt a dry Feb or mostly dry but that just is not going to happen. I will try to cut back but honestly I just don’t know if I can do a dry one. I just need to control my munching.

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That being said I am really going to push myself to get a major start on writing in different places. Poetry is my next venture. I have an idea for a few books. I also have schedule different poems to be done on so many days. Certain days have a 5 poem day where I write 5 in that day. However if I do more over more days that is also great too. At the end of the month I should have at least 50 written however with the added scheduled (roughly!) I should have 80. Ideally I would love to see myself be pushed to have over 150 poems done. That would be huge in my quest to write and have some books done. Since it is poetry after I have written all of mind I will be  buying a fee poetry books to see the flow. Mentally I feel like this is a great and achievable goal because stories can take a bit more time and physically sitting down and writing. These I can do sitting on the couch in between moments of chaos with my sons.

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Starting today I am also writing down all of my calories/food per day. I need to. What bothers me the most is that I have lost weight before. Many moons ago but still none the less. I need to focus on that. I also want to do my own exercises and stuff. Maybe a workout DVD maybe just ones I think of. Regardless I also need to keep track of that. I feel like I need to also stop making excuses but that is obviously a me problem. I get so discouraged when I slip up that it hurts my progress in the long run and I know that all too well.

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I have also decided to start to write these out in more real time like a journal or diary entry. That way I am able to really demonstrate in real time for you guys how things are doing and my feelings a bit more detailed. Sometimes looking back on the week if I had a good day or two before I write this can be really cloudy for you, the reader, about how my weight loss and mental health journey have been going. I want you to see and feel that you are not alone if you too are struggling with something like this in any aspect of your life too.

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I would say this past week has been nice I feel like a lot if us felt like January was a very long month. And while it was and some exciting moments I still need to focus in this. I can do it. I need to stop slacking and focus on what is important. I also am excited for nicer weather so we can go on Family walks too. I may even be planning walks with my boys. Since we have the double stroller. Maybe go on adventures and find different walking trails and things that are around to go to. I feel like maybe the cold weather is a bit low key depressing but there is nothing I can do about that. I love snow and I love winter but sometimes the cold is a bit too much!

Weight: 247.6 (Lost 1.2lb)
Start weight: 248.8lb (Jan 4th)
Measurements: (will re-do after 15lb lost)

Drastic Times – Self Care Thursday 4 – January 27th

I still am totally failing at this whole weight loss journey and I have no one to blame but myself here! And that is okay. I can do this even if the beginning looks tough. Here is my week that I am very thankful to be behind me.

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First, No more smoking weed unless it is on Saturday or Sunday. That is all. Obviously I cannot control myself and when I smoke and it spills into the week it causes so much damage. Not just because of my lungs (Which I am indifferent about I know.. ) but because I over eat. When I over eat junk and garbage I end up now losing sleep. Why you ask, because I have heartburn and a weird stomach and what not from disgusting that garbage. You my be thinking it cant be that bad. You are wrong! I can eat chips bowl after bowl, i can eat chocolate bar after bar, ice cream, soda, and whatever else I see in the house. I need to develop healthy habits again and plan out things. I also need to set a rule for myself that I not have any food after 7pm. I am such a night muncher that I am hoping that by focusing on my new endeavor for books that I feel like that will be a help for me to avoid over smoking as well as over eating.

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I have also decided to STOP counting calories. I am 32 years old and have counted calories for the past 12 years. I have always thought it helped me in terms of trying to lose weight. I could see how much I over eat by etc. That ends now. I will be loosely and I say that with confidence, keeping track of what I eat in terms of food. I know the calories in what I am eating and by counting them daily when I know I am way over is doing absolutely nothing to my mental health. If I over eat I know that I over eat. Instead I will be weighing myself daily first thing in the morning. I know this can also become an obsessive category BUT I do need some sort of reminder that I am on the right track. This is the new reminder.

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Overall I would say that I am feeling hopeful about this. I know you probably are tired of reading it every single week because I am always writing this however I feel good about it. Workouts are kind of on the back burner right now. But I am looking very forward to warmer weather so I can take my boys on daily walks around the neighborhood though., I will make this a goal for myself daily and if my boyfriend wants to go we can also do that like we used to in our previous home too.

One of my biggest problems is that I am always pushing too much to fast on myself. Losing weight is something I have struggled with my entire life. It will not change drastically over night nor will it be healthy. I have lost weight before though and went right back to gaining some because I totally forgot I need to monitor portions and I need to work out and I need to not reset to old habits.

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Not that I want to put blame but maybe this whole Covid stuff also has been getting to me also. Living in basically the hot spot in Canada for a long time and having so little interactions, to now living at home and still with a rise in cases having trouble too. It really is hard for me to not put blame and I need to channel the sadness I sometimes feel and turn it into something that is productive, like losing weight!

Here is hoping to reaching my 10lb goal of losing weight for February! I can do this.

Self Care Thursday 1 – January 6th

If you are new to this blog segment, Welcome! I wont be explaining what I am doing every week but if you are interested in reading it you can check it out here. Where I explain everything and my goals of this particular blog post every week.

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This is probably one of the longest posts for the series due to the fact I am writing it in parts before Jan 1st. Right now it is December 26th and I am already thinking about exercise, taking down the decorations (which is very uncharacteristic for me) and starting January with a completely fresh start.

Another thing I may have mentioned before is that I am really cutting back smoking weed. It is no surprise I am a puffer of the grass however a major down fall for me is that I am also a muncher. When I smoke I legit want to eat everything in sight. Going forward in the new year I will only be smoking.
on 3 days per week. These days are Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. My reasoning for this is because weekends are for a treat, and Wednesday is a more relaxed day. Monday and Friday I will be getting back into streaming and crafting and I never like smoking weed before I stream due to the fact that I get lazy and I either don’t stream, or I do an extremely short stream. Which is not good either. I have a feeling 3 days a week is going to be challenging for me however I am very happy with the decision.

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In case you are reading this and did not know, at the end of November I had another baby!! You can read all about the details here if you wish, and with this pregnancy I had to end up having a C Section. This was totally unplanned and very hard both physically and mentally for me. One thing is that after having this baby I basically went back down to pre-pregnancy weight fairly easy compared to my 1st.  However it being the holidays I did obviously gain some pounds back!

Throughout the series I will have some sort of structure though for the blogs. I wont put a “1000 word minimum” like I try to do with the Tuesday and Saturday ones but I will try to do a decent size. That is for sure. This is how I will lay out the blogs for Thursdays:

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Weight loss and measurements. Going forward I will be sharing my weight every second week and then measurements also. While I don’t want to push weight loss aside I also don’t want to hyper focus on it either. It is important to remember that while this is a big part of me getting healthy, it is not the only thing. Included in this will be the days I am under my calories or had struggled as well as exercise.

Smoking weed is a part I will be keeping track of. I know it sounds silly but my reasoning for this is because we all know when I smoke I munch and tend to over eat my calories. By cutting back on smoking I am in more control and hopefully I will be able to not self sabotage myself which happens so frequently.

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Mental health is a role that I want to write about regularly. We never talk about mental health often when referring to overall health and for me I think it will be important to kind of monitor and reflect on how I am doing in the big scheme of things.

Self care can get lost. This is why I want to fully dedicate a paragraph to this. It does not need to be much but I need to remember that I should take some time to have self care for myself a few moments a week. It may not seem like much but as a mom of 2 under 2 I need to really make sure I am also taken care of, as hard as that sounds.

Jan 1st
Weight:  Official start: 248.8lb
Waist- 48.0 inches
Hips- 56.0 inches
Bust- Over – 44.5 inches
Bust-Under- 41.0 inches
Thighs-Left – 30.0 inches
Thighs-Right – 31.5 inches
Arms-Left- 13.5 inches
Arms-Right- 14.5 inches.

Let the Journey begin!!

Welcome to the New Weekly Blog Segment!

As some of you amazing readers may remember, last year I started a series of blogs for something I called “Weight Loss Wednesdays”. This was a series I wanted to do for 12 weeks to document my weight loss and hopefully help others along in theirs. I also wanted a little spot to hold myself accountable by making sure that I was keeping on track. I ended up stopping this series due to the fact that I had gotten pregnant with my second son (If you are interested in his crazy birth story you can check it out here!). I did not feel that it was a good idea to be putting weight loss so high up as a priority being pregnant. Not to mention, I was also very nauseous and had major food aversion with him too! So the project was ultimately stopped after so many weeks.

Guess what?


Starting in 2022, every Thursday I will be writing a specific blog in regards to mental health, weight loss, exercise, and overall health.

When I started the original series I wanted to share my journey with you all, or anyone who would listen. I want to being this back. We will be hopefully trying for a 3rd child after our youngest is a year (Just like we did when our 1st turned a year also!) And so that gives me an entire year to really hammer down and get my stuff under control. I would like to be under 200lbs. Which give or take would be anywhere from 30-40lbs depending on what I will weight on the 1st week. I will still be doing measurements every 2 weeks with weight loss goals and things being set up on the 1st week. This also should be around the time that I become fully healed from having my 1st cesarean section and am able to do things again. I will be talking about mental health and reflection as a mom of 2 boys and a spouse as well too.

A big part of me wanting to share this journey is that so often we talk about weight loss as being about numbers. The scale, calories, cheat days, etc. There is an overall health aspect to this that I would like to also focus on too. Sometimes it can be nice to vent or express some frustrations with life in a way that others for sure are feeling too. I would eventually love to see people relate to me and find some sort of peace reading that they too are not alone also. I know it does sound crazy of course but I think it could be a very big success to others.

Success! You're on the list.

As you can read in this blog here from a while ago, I am a very picky eater. I do not eat conventional meals or even foods. I barely eat meat. I don’t really eat veggies. And fruits are mainly in the form of juices. However this year I hope to slowly change that or at least broaden some of my eating habits. I will include recipes as well to things I regularly eat and I will do my best to include the triumphs and set backs. I don’t want to call them failures because even trying something new is a major mental hurdle that calling it a failure may really set me back in my mindset.

Exercise is another thing that I want to really be active about. Being a mom of two boys now I do not want to be the mom sitting on the sidelines because she gets winded after playing for 40 seconds. I want to be the mom that can out play them with energy too. As I write this it will be nearing the end (hopefully!) Of healing in terms of my last pregnancy and the way it unexpectedly ended (which you can also read it here, I was terrified!). I do have an elliptical so I am all set in terms of starting again. The hardest part for me I think will be finding a time to workout. As well as balancing things. Ideally I would like to work out between 4-5 days per week. 5 being the goal. And 4 being the minimum. Anything over 5 days per week will be awesome!

I will be using my new agenda (read all about the top 3 things I look for in a new agenda here if you want to know why I am able to use it for weight loss too!) To write in the daily part for my calories and exercise. It will be mainly a more relaxed approach with a focus on just how I am feeling over all not just physically. I think it will be a lot easier to just use my agenda for this instead of making a new journal all of the time. That is a pain in the butt. No joke. And a waste of time. I seriously and going to try to optimize my time in 2022 to use it to the full potential. I know if I keep up I can so it for sure!

So there you have it! I will be writing the first post for this weekly health blog on Thursday, January 6th, 2022. Which so happens to be when I have a doctors appointment for a 6 week post pregnancy check up. I will say that it may be up a little bit later as in the afternoon but that is okay as I will update my appointment in there and how I have healed etc. Hopefully everything will be alright and I can say that I drove myself to the appointment too! I am looking forward to this next chapter and bringing everyone along with me!

What are somethings you remind yourself of when you need motivation for becoming a healthier version of yourself?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your experiences!