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What Does a Picky Eater Eat

It is no surprise that whenever someone meets me they are instantly surprised if they do so around a meal and I seemingly do not eat the “normal” food that others do. Believe it or not at some point in my life mostly as a child I did in fact eat a lot of food. I wasn’t as picky but now as an adult I barely eat anything.

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Now before you are asking, how did it get this way? My mom never “made” us eat things. Her mother did and they would throw up at the table. My mom never made us eat things. If we didn’t want to eat it that was alright. But we also would go without for the rest of the night too. So if everyone else was having ice cream we were not allowed. I was a kid that wouldn’t eat what I was supposed to and I didn’t care if I got ice cream or not. I know you are probably also thinking “But Stacey, how do your kids eat?” They eat great! Their Dad, my spouse eats anything and everything under the sun.

Meats: the ONLY things I eat remotely close to meats would be chicken, depending on my mood, bacon, balogna, and hot dogs. Sometimes I will eat small sausages however it honestly just depends on my mood really. The thought about eating meats like steak or hamburgers does not appeal to me at all though. If I were to dabble more in the meat category I would not be touching these. I also do eat fish sticks too. But let’s be honest. They are so over processed that I dont think it really matters at that point. I do eat nuts and seeds though and peanut butter. So even if I’m not eating meat in the obvious way I do try to get the same protein from other sources.

Veggies and fruits: these are virtually non existent. I dont eat any fruit but have on a very rare occasion drank a fruit smoothie. It has to be blended to be the smoothest consistency because I cannot handle anything with texture. I do lime dried fruit thins like these and I also love some juices like apple juice or even orange juice (without pulp).

Dairy is one that I eat a lot of but not really. I dont like yogurt or stuff like cottage cheese either. But I do love cheeses and I adore milk. I drink cows milk not almond or whatever else but if you do enjoy that you can check them. I enjoy milk and always have since I was a child. That being said in the summer I do drink less because I find with the heat I am not feeling it normally.

Breads are my favorite. If I was anything I would be a carbavoire. I love pasta and breads and anything in between. One thing I wont eat but I’m sure I would do obviously fine is if I swapped white pasta or white break for whole wheat. Now the taste is obviously different but I think I would still enjoy it regardless I just never do. If you are wondering what I eat, this is basically the majority if my meals. In fact as I write this I am probably going to be making some Kraft dinner for my son and I for lunch today. We maybe have it once a week because he has much healthier options in the mean time like veggie soups. I will also say that I do not like rice either. Anything with a dough basically is huge for me.

Another big hurdle that I have is texture.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now I know what you are thinking, why not try things now? What is stopping you?

I think I have 2 reasons to blame for this. Or maybe its me making an excuse to justify it but who knows.

One reason for this is because I believe that I have an anxiety surrounding foods. It is like the thought of even trying something new makes me immediately want to shut down. It makes me feel sick and nauseated. I can’t even really explain it. Its comes to mind the saying “I like what I like and I know what I like”. Trying new things is something I always said that I wanted to do. I want to for my health but also for my kids to enjoy other things with me too. Its just when the moment comes to actually do it I freeze and I have no idea how to get the thing inside of my mouth to try.

I am also trying my best to post daily tiktoks too. These are important I think as a way to hold myself accountable and also I want to share with others that I can basically eat what I want and lose weight as long as it has to do with portion control and counting calories. Life doesn’t have to be hard or difficult or a bunch of numbers and tracking. Just trying to count one thing calories can be huge in losing weight!

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