My Son’s 1st Birthday!

I cannot believe I am writing this, Or that the date of this blog post will going live with the fact that my son is a ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Last year I had my first child! He was a boy and at 30 years old it was quite the exciting moment in anyone’s life but especially mine! I was the last person out of my siblings to have kids. My brother and sister both had kids at very young ages however my boyfriend and I wanted to wait and see what happened with life til we had kids.

We waited so long due to his job and mine being so demanding. We knew we wanted to start a family later because we would try to have kids all together. In fact, Truth be told. We are thinking about starting to try for number 2 here soon!

My son’s birth I think was about as easy as any 1st time birth could be. We had a few hiccups with jaundice as well as a minor heart murmur when he was born which quickly was ended once he was a few days old. And than we had to have him under the sun lamps due to having a bit of jaundice which was not to bad but felt like ages. All things were nothing major in terms of a brand new baby! Though as first time parents it felt like it was a huge thing! Though we both know it wasn’t based on the people with us while he sunbathed away the yellowing of his skin!

There is so many things that people don’t tell you about childbirth, I have even written them in previous blogs and I am sure with future babies I will continue to have new things that we never knew before having him. There really is a lot to know about giving birth. Something so simple like most women don’t have their water break before hand. To something like, contractions aren’t always regular either!

They always say, you know, whoever they are, that having kids makes time fly. I would agree with this statement for sure. I feel like I was just in the hospital cuddling my newborn and here I am with a nearly walking one year old who is such a little ham full of laughter and giggles it is insane!

Even though this year was extremely hard in many ways it is also hard because my family (Aside from my uncles) Have met my son due to covid. It is their youngest little grandchild and my first so to not being able to share it with them is really hard. Not that my significant other has really shared our son a lot but his parents have met him as well as his brother. Even if only a few times. That is something I cannot wait to share is how full of life he is. Using video chat’s and things is great but hearing my mom say that she hopes he recognizes her once they finally meet can be really hard. I hope that he knows who my dad and mom are but only time will tell! Not to mention there is different rules there since they normally have such low covid cases they are allowed to do different things there that we haven’t been able to do for a very very long time.

I think a big thing for me would be the fact that I can be around my friends and family with him. I want to share Vincent with everyone and have him meet so many people, obviously abiding by the covid rules and what not, but I want to introduce him to everyone.

If people would have told me that I would have a one year old when I was 31 years old I would think it was dreaming. It really is nutty to have a son and him aging so rapidly. I cannot wait to see what more he learns. How great of a big brother he will be as well too which will also be cool!

As for what are we doing for his birthday? Not a whole lot with restrictions and things. We wil be doing cupcakes though since we can give some to our neighbors since there is no way that we will be eating a whole mess of them. We also have received some gifts from his grandparents too and his nieces and nephews and aunt and uncle in Nova Scotia. My partner and I also have gotten him 2 new toys a little laptop and activity cube as well.

The things I am looking forward to the most would as mentioned before, be moving home. I cannot wait til he has a big house that we can grow our family and watch him grow up to be a kind and generous adult some day! The house has been perfect for my friends family in raising her family and now we are going to raise ours. My son has had a super unconventional 1st year of life with a virus that basically stops everyone from doing anything with their lives or being with loved ones. That I am looking forward to the most. I cannot wait to show him more about swimming and skating and different things as the time passes.

Quebec has been fun but with the heat and things keeping us inside in the summer with him being so small I cannot help but be excited to show him all the things we can do as he grows up where I also grew up. I have nothing but bad to say about my upbringing or childhood and I cannot wait to share those things with him. The fact I will be a ten minute walk to my parents or even yet a 2 minute drive is just an added bonus!

Here is to another year with our little man. Motherhood has been great and I am so excited to continue to grow our little family and watch this little guy grow!

– Stacey

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