November Update 2021

I feel like I legit JUST wrote an Update. Maybe because the October one was a few blog days after I normally would write but still here we are! At the time of writing this, October 27th (as you know ahead of time!) I am in fact still pregnant!

Streams have been going slowly and fee and far between. Normally max of 2 hours if that due to the fact that my back gets sore from sitting in the computer chair downstairs for long periods. Ive just been trying to do different things to be active across social medias and discord and streams even if I am not live. Blogging is slowly getting back to regularity which is a great feeling. I have been really into following people who are from Nova Scotia and really seeing the people around the province. It is a great feeling to see things across the province. I will be focusing on growing my Twitter for streams and the new business I would like to officially launch in the new year.

On to new business! In January I would love to begin selling some of my artwork and sewing treasures. Once I get some things going and settled I will be doing. A few giveaways across my social media platforms so I can hopefully grow the pages a bit before the actual launch as well too. My goal currently is to produce small things so that way I am not spending a fortune on shipping right now. Things that can fit into small envelopes and things. I am also probably going to limit my shipping to Canada/United states and United Kingdom. I also am planning to just use my socials. I do not want to use a website like Etsy or what not because I feel like starting out, i would be spending more money on growing my business. Another thing is I am doing really hard to not spend money on buying new supplies. I would like to try to sell what I already have or can make already. Build some sort of income and bank roll.that way instead of spending on things. I would like to really give this a go and try to bring in some money for my family. Though growing pages and building clients can be one of the trickiest things with this. Not to mention making a profit too. I will be also getting some business cards made also. That way I can add them to packages. It will be hard but I am determined to build something while at home and taking care of my kids.

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Next is the new baby arriving soon! I am really working on trying to tackle little organizing things around the house. Things like making a spot in our bedroom for the bassinet, prepping and organizing drawers or spots in the kitchen, getting the bottles ready since we will be formula feeding. Things like that. My spouse will not be taking time off work right away so this will be something I do to keep busy. Not to mention the last week of October and beginning week of November he is gone through the week so this will keep me busy.. Nesting so to speak! And of course I need to pack the hospital bags also. Basically getting everything as ready as possible to be able to have a smooth transition from one fella to two! I an excited for this change and to be able to finally sip one drink with my partner in our new house and relax and take in the holidays as a family of four. I am still very nervous about another birth but also waiting patiently for it to happen!

Other than that Halloween has recently passed too. For this year we decided to just go see friends and family with our little fella. He is still far too young to really go door to door but when we were younger my parents would take us to friends and family to say hello and trick or treat for them. We will be starting in the afternoon and then we will be coming back and maybe giving out a handful of treats since there is not a whole lot of trick or treaters that come to our street. Which is a stark contrast to the old house where there would be 250+ kids sometimes! It Will still be nice to celebrate with some family and friends to see them for brief moments and introduce some to Vincent as well too!

And lastly. I am nearly done Christmas shopping and am so thankful I started when I did! This weekend, well the 1st in November I will also be going to tackle the rest of everything I would like to get! I want to get everything from my baking supplies to start at the end of the month, a few things to put in gifts since the majority is done, as well as see if I can make a trip to the dollar store also too. That is basically everything really. I am thankful I started so early because some of the gifts I had gotten for our son Vincent are becoming increasingly harder to find not to mention when it is found there is a way bigger price tag than I had found! I am so happy that I will be done this weekend though. At 37w pregnant it is a challenge to be doing things and I would rather not wait in case I am more sore with this little guy, or even if he is late and I have to shop deep into December because that just will not cut it!

Overall I think October went swell and I cannot wait for November to have a new addition to the family! There will be hopefully more stability in blogs being posted as well too! And yes, There will be a birth story blog coming up as well as how we choose our newest son’s name too!

– Stacey

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