Halloween Costumes I Dressed as Through The Years

Growing up in Canada we were for sure a family that celebrated Halloween. Which would come to no surprise to many I am sure. As a child There was basically only one reason why we loved Halloween. Which may seem super obvious, CANDY! We wanted to get the most candy in the least amount of time possible. We had backpacks, pillow cases, when my dad would come around with us we had a wagon we would bring to put the over flow on in bags also. But that is only the big part of Halloween. The other part was also when you were to decide what you were going to wear! Would it be something scary, funny, weird, or a character from a movie or video game. Who knew!

The longest running costume that I would dress up as growing up was a Witch. For whatever reason I was a witch nearly 5 years straight if not more. I wore the same dress just black. I had a wig sometimes and sometimes I didn’t. I also had green paint that would be put on my face also too. I am not sure why I was always wanting to be this for Halloween but I did though. Maybe it had to do with the fact that i was fascinated with magic and the though of there being that in the world made me gravitate towards a witch as a costume. Maybe it was because my Mom’s first daughter was a witch for a few years before she passed away also. I am not entirely sure but I loved being a witch. I also had a bit of a sassy attitude so I think this suited me for sure when it came down to it.

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My mom also had bade us costumes as well. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up in the sense that we never bought new costumes every single year. We never spend 50 plus dollars on costumes to wear for 5 hours, if that, and then grow out of them. Some costumes that my mom made was a bunny before. She was really good with a sewing machine so she would try to make things based on patterns that she may have had in her box of them. She also made a candy cane one year which was hilarious. She used fabric and stuffed the hook part to make it stand up and it had a swirl just like the ones you see on a Christmas tree.

Another costume that I was sometimes was an angel. This was one that she had made just by sewing a sheet together into a dress and finding a gold belt from a local hand me down store. As for the wings I think I either bought those from the dollar store or she made them also with material. Fort he halo she used pipe cleaners gold ones that sparkled and a regular headband. That way it was easy and it would stay in place on my head.

As I got older into teenage years I wanted to be silly things. There was one year I went as a ghost. And yes, it was literally just a white sheet over my head that I pinned for my arms and I wore a scarf around my neck to hold the sheet in place. I just cut eye holes out of the head part and that was all. It was so simple but everyone thought it was so funny at the same time. Then I would start to get masks from the dollar store or Walmart as I became older and older. I would just wear a mask with a hoodie and go door to door like that.

I think I was even a baby one year also. You know pig tails or weird hair, with a soother and then pajamas also too. Being Halloween in Canada you had to prepare for the possibility you may need to wear a jacket underneath your costume because it would be freeing without it.

As for my siblings, They did basically the same things, My brother was a vampire for a very long time. My mom made him a cape and then he had a mask he would wear that was stuffed and super soft too. My sister would be a bunny for many years and then switch to also be a baby too. And at times my brother would be a clown. If I could find some I would post some photos of what we would be. Including the photos of tears because you know we would be crying as my mom would put makeup on our faces and she wasn’t doing it the way we wanted to. Which was typical i suppose when it came to costumes and kids.

There was also some Halloweens that we choose to be different things. Sometimes we had Halloween costume days for when we were in bowling, other times we had parties for Guides, and then we would have the dress up day at school also too. There was a lot of things that we could dress up for not just Halloween night that we could mix and match different ideas and be a few things in one year. However, I still believe if i remember correctly I would be a witch for the entire thing and I would try to just change how I looked like maybe a different color makeup or a different wig or something too.

Overall, I think with my children I will probably try to do the same things as they grow up also. I don’t understand the point of spending so much money on a costume for a few hours. that being said, There is no way I wont be snagging a sweet deal on a costume if I see it though!

Did you celebrate Halloween as a child

What was your favorite costume to dress up as too

Let me know below! Maybe we liked the same things!

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