Why I Think Plastic Canvas Should Be More Popular

Since I was a young kind I remember seeing different types of sewing materials all over my family from my mom crocheting and knitting to my Nanny quilting or using plastic canvas to sew different things including patio lanterns that I would later find out would mean so much more than patio lanterns. This is my plea to you and why I think they should be used more in the world as most people who think about it think they have to do with retro things.

What is it you might be wondering? Plastic canvas is normally sold in sheets or in small shapes. Think cross stitch but plastic. It has different hole sizes but mainly I typically see that it is used for 7 mesh. This is the size that I typically reach for as well too. I can then try to cut it to whatever shape that I want to and see how it works for the project that I am doing. If it is something frequently that I do I would keep a pattern piece so that I can easily cut out future ones instead of re-cutting one at the time. Typically you would sew this with yarn since regular thread of string might be far too thin and won’t exactly fill the holes that you are wanting to. I don’t know if there is normal size yarn or not but if there was grab that kind. Not the frilly or different things with whatever but just a strand that is “semi” thick and what not. This seems to work the most efficiently and let’s be honest, if you plan on doing a lot of these you will have so much yarn for future projects. I have nearly every color not and I am in no way in a position to be running out at all!

I learned about plastic canvas through my grandparents. They would sew these lanterns (Yes, the ones on the main page and what I have included here too!). My grandfather would be cutting out the patterns and my grandmother would be sewing them together. I used to take the scraps and try to sew different things with them. There were a lot easier ways to get these back then. Now when I want the colored plastics I would have to order through the states because there is more colors there than in a store here. However if I want clear plastic for whatever project I am able to get them through amazon. Relatively inexpensive 12 sheets for about 25$ CAD. Seeing the lanterns my grandparents were sewing or together creating made me want to really get into this as a form of crafting.

There are so many pro’s that I could say about this. One being the clear anyways being inexpensive. I think another pro would be that anyone can do this. It really is something that you don’t even need to have a sharp needle to use either. I used to use a dull plastic one and that was the best as a child. I would make different things with scarps and it was easy to do. You could really do whatever you wanted. Not to mention there is so many patterns as well that you can find certain things you want to make everywhere. I recently had gotten myself a graph scribbler so I can make my own patterns for things that I really like and want to remake or something I seen the pattern for and maybe I want to change something on it to suit my needs better too. The accessibility for using plastic canvas is really something that should be seen. You can even get basic colors or clear and white plastic canvas at shops like Michael’s if you don’t want to order online!

The only con that I can really think about for this would be that if you are looking for specific colors like I do for my patio lanterns is that finding multiple colors can be hard to find. I live in Canada and so I can only speak for this however when I was at Michael’s I only had seen colors such as white, blue, purple, red or clear. That was the only colors and obviously I am looking for more as that would be pretty boring patio lanterns with only a few colors. I had to do some searching online for a website specifically for plastic canvas was when I found the colors. Now shipping was a bit pricy as well too so for me it was one of those things that I had to almost put in a bulk order so that it made it worth my while in order to get it shipped to Canada. Though when I ordered it I believe I had gotten 30-45 sheets of colored plastic canvas and the total with shipping was about 90$. Which was not that bad in the big scheme of it all. I ended up making 3+ sets of lantern shades as well as some other crafts. Each set has 25 shades so I would say it was worth it for sure.

So then I have to leave myself with the question, Would I recommend this for anyone? Yes. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn sewing. I find that with the bigger holes it can be an easier learning curve than doing something like cross stitch where the holes might be a little bit a little bit harder to pick up as apposed to plastic canvas. Not to mention anyone of any age can also do this with all of the multiple types of crafts and things you can do. From jewelry to tissue box covers to ornaments for the Christmas tree too. Maybe for me it is more of a nostalgic feeling since I remember seeing my grandparents use plastic canvas since I was a small child but I hope in the future that my kids will want to show an interest in this and I will gladly show them what I know!

Is there a craft that you think is underrated that maybe you learned at a small age?
Is it something you think should be more popular?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear all the new crafting things from you all too!

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