3 Things I Was Nervous About in my 1st Pregnancy

Having a baby is scary. Exciting. But also scary. Sometimes there are even things that can make you super nervous about too. A friend of mine mentioned that with each of her kids she became more and more nervous but about different things. One she was nervous about them having a cleft pallet. For me. I had basically 3 things that made me nervous about my 1st pregnancy and I am sure that there would be the same 3 for the next pregnancy that I also have too.

Breast feeding made me low key uncomfortable. I know. I know. It is a natural thing that happens to a woman’s body hen they give birth to their child to feed them and nourish them with their milk. For some reason breastfeeding made me uncomfortable. When I gave birth to my son I was in the hospital for 2 nights, came home for one, then I had gone back to the hospital, home and back to check up on him since he had jaundice. I was super nervous not to mention I was in Quebec and most of the nurses either did not fully understand English or they choose not to listen to English and spoke french. I was uncomfortable not just because it was a totally new experience but I was nervous regardless of there being next to no support. By the end of the week I had decided to do formula and my boyfriend was supportive of that also. It also is extremely forced and pressured to breastfeed as well. When you even mention formula you are kind of frowned upon as if you are doing the wrong thing for your child. With another baby would I consider breast feeding? Sure, I wouldn’t mind giving it another go. The other thing is that breastfeeding is not as easy as they make it look in the movies. You have to make sure your baby is latching properly, and that they are drinking the proper amount too. That made me paranoid my son was not drinking enough when in the hospital. Not to mention being in a different province my boyfriend would go home to sleep and be home with our animals so I was there alone when maybe with our next baby he will be there as we will be in Nova Scotia.

Gestational diabetes was something I was so worried about having partly because I love candy and sugar not pregnant so why wouldn’t I love it when I was! I was super nervous even though I was naive to the true risks of what it really can have happen. I would probably look more into this and hope that with future pregnancy that I don’t post a risk or at least minimize my risks of having it at all too. I remember feeling a bit of relief when I took the sugar drink and was able to find out about whether or not I had it. A part of me wants to look up more about it but I also feel like if I do at the same time I will probably be super

C-section was something that I think I was the most scared about. Crazy right. I don’t know I just felt like if I was to have a C-Section it would mean that I failed as a mom and was unable to give birth. I know it sounds totally insane to have this mindset but for some reason it was something that really crossed my mind though. The thing that made me feel better was when I talked to my doctor at the time she had stated that sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid having a c-section. You can do everything right and it just comes to the point where you have to have one. There might be nothing you can do. Not to mention some woman’s bodies does not have the space to be able to birth a baby and they only thing they can do is have a c-section as the baby physically would not fit through the path it needed to go. I think this will probably make me feel nervous based on any pregnancy I have just because it really freaks me out the whole being awake but not feeling anything while they they open you up makes me nervous but we just will have to cross that bridge when it happens I suppose. No use stressing about it if it never happens either.

Next pregnancy as I write this I am currently a few weeks and not really thinking about delivery yet. Though I do randomly have the thoughts about previous pregnancy and what made me nervous. This time I am trying to be more aware of my weight and really trying to exercise or at the very least try not to gain the major amount of weight that I did before. It will be a bit difficult as I don’t want to really watch calories but just want to try to be mindful is all. I need to remember the huge myth that when you are pregnant you are not in fact eating for two. The baby is so small in the beginning that you can’t eat for two or you legit would be totally over eating and that will put the weight on QUICK! Another thing I want to do more especially where I have a kid already is to take more time for myself. Not push myself and to really take time to sleep well, if I am tired have a nap when I can. Take better care of myself for self care and things of that nature. I did not do that as much as I should have with my 1st and I want to that now especially with the stress of moving and things.

What are some things you were worried about during pregnancy? Or maybe
you were worried about it with your partner?
Did they change or stay the same with multiple pregnancy’s?

Let me know in the comments below!

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