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“Vag Badge” Mindset

If there is anything I never expected it was a “Vag Badge” being some sort of prize that birthing parents wanted. I never realized the true extent until I joined a Facebook group where people literally would make unsafe decisions when they were having a baby. As someone who had a birth the vaginal way and c-section way, they are not all as cracked up to be.

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What is a “Vag Badge” you may be wondering, in short it is one of the most toxic subjects in modern pregnancy. Assuming that by not giving birth vaginally you are apparently less of a mother. Some birthing partners who have had c-section will be under the “woo” spell and even try to have a vaginal birth even after they have been told the risks are far more substantial than they ever were just to have this birth. At the end of the day, we are in 2023 where modern medicine has advanced so much that C-sections have become a lifesaving surgery that saves both birth parent and babies lives every single day.

Some of the misconceptions that “woo” people will say is that “Babies come when they are ready”. They don’t. Which is why some people need to be induced. Having this mindset can create such an unsafe environment for not only babies but their parent giving birth also. This is especially familiar with VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) groups on Facebook where they will encourage all types of births, including home (Which is a whole different issue) and how they should push for having a baby vaginally. The fact is some people have died trying to have a vaginal birth, or even their babies dying in the process too. For years and years this was a reality. Not until we learned different surgery’s, etc that can ensure the safety of birth parents. The whole “Your body knows what to do” is such a crock of shit that the fact is some people do not have a body to give birth for whatever reason. Their bodies also may never go into labour on their own. This doesn’t mean they are a failure or that they are any less of a parent, it just means that thankfully we live in a world that the safety of both babies and parents can be ensured because we have the skilled medical professionals to help that happen.

I even felt like this with my 1st son. It was to the point that I felt like if I were to have a c-section that I was a failure in some sense. Not that I knew many reasons why a c-section was given but I felt like the misconception about it was that if I needed to have one that I was a failure to not have a vaginal birth. Like as a mother I was not able to fully do labour. This is so far from the truth. In fact, with my 2nd birth I choose a c-section. I go more into detail here, but at the end of the day it was more important for the safety of my son than it was for myself to attempt a vaginal birth. Instead of trying to follow groups I instead talked to my doctor. Towards the end of my first pregnancy I was asked if I had any concerns. I said what is the reasons for a c-section, does that mean I am a failure? She looked at me and simply said NO! No one is failure for having a c-section. Some people literally do not have a body to birth a baby and there is nothing that can be done before pregnancy, in labour or anything else that can make it happen. Just that it is needed at times and that’s just the way some births have to happen. Her saying this left me in a huge sense of relief. It made me feel that whenever I went into labour (or not) that sometimes thing are just out of my control and the safety of us was the utmost importance, not the way the baby actually came out.

Is there a common theme that people feel a sense of loss, or they mourn the experience of having a vaginal birth? Yes. It is a very valid feeling. Especially when often times you see that their entire families had vaginal births and they wanted to also have the experience of “pushing” out a baby. Feeling a sense of loss if you never have this experience is totally normal. What isn’t normal is putting yourself at risk of your baby at risk to achieve this. If you are feeling a sense a loss, maybe speaking with a medical professional on how a c-section was a safest mode of delivery or even a licensed therapist who maybe specialized in pregnancy and birth traumas is the way to go here. Because at the end of the day those feelings are valid, it is okay to have them.

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I can say with confidence as well, if someone did not know me, and they were to look at both of my children right now. There is no way you could pick out which was vaginal and which was a c-section. There is no flag or neon lights flashing with an arrow to one that was not a vaginal and the other who was. Just the same as breastfeeding and formula feeding at the end of the day you are not able to show which kids have been fed which way at a playground.

And a much busted myth, vaginal births are NOT always an easier recovery. In fact many people comment who have had both that their c-section whether scheduled or not was a whole lot better recovery than vaginal. There are even people who has such a traumatic vaginal that they never want to do that again and opt for their c-section because the environment is so much more controlled. Whether you birth one way or another, there are risks with both. But there is no guarantee one will be easier to recover from or one will be harder it just seems to happen with whatever the universe has for people.

And as much as you may think, There is no award or a badge for pushing a baby out of a vagina. Period.

Postpartum Anxiety

It could never happen to me, Right?

That was something I am sure many people think about when they have a baby they are about to give birth to, I know for me I knew very little about what exactly post postpartum anxiety is. Even after my 1st I still never really knew.

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Post Partem anxiety is, as described by google :
Postpartum anxiety is excessive worrying that occurs after childbirth or adoption. People with postpartum anxiety may feel consumed with worry and constantly nervous or panicked. If you or someone you know has symptoms of postpartum anxiety, get help from a healthcare provider immediately.

And you know how I figured out that I probably suffer from this, I was watching a TikTok. In the video it was something like “Here are your signs that you suffer from postpartum anxiety, and one of them was holding on to their baby and as they walked up the stairs they had a thought bubble of “I hope that I don’t drop the baby”. And that is when it clicked. I have postpartum anxiety. I know it sounds wild but I totally do. I think that all the time.

Now mind you, there is absolutely no reason for me to ever have to drop a baby while walking up the stairs. It’s not like a baby is that big or squirmy that they will jump right out of your hands. Another thing is walking by these small hooks holding up a felt board for my oldest. And thinking, “Wow, I hope that I don’t drop the baby on one of these hooks” which is the smallest thing to ever happen that the chances are so, so, so, slim unless MAYBE and I mean from the furthest stretch maybe I had a seizure or something and they hit their head but the chance of that happening is so low also.

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Postpartum anxiety is also included in trying to think about the worst case scenarios. Even though they are so outlandish that they will never likely happen. It can also be the feeling that you are forgetting something, maybe you are afraid that you will forget the baby in the grocery cart or in the car. Maybe you will forget the baby somewhere or forget to feed them. Maybe it is even the feeling that you are never doing enough to help them grow when you are already going above and beyond what you need to.

When thinking about postpartum anxiety I would like to think that I never thought it would happen to me, but more than likely I never knew what it really was. I believe I did have it with my first born but I never really identified what it was. It was literally that TikTok that made me think “Wow, this sounds exactly like how I am thinking.”

A few ways that I try to overcome these feelings because I haven’t reached the point of needing outside help or anything is whenever a thought like the walking up the stairs pops up, I always remind myself that is silly and it just won’t happen. I remind myself that “I have a good grip and there is no way the baby will suddenly fall from my arms. I am a good mother and that they will be good”. I remind myself that I am a good mother and that I will do anything to take care of these kids and that I can help them achieve anything.

Another thing I have learned to do is taking a step back. If I feel like this I talk it out with my spouse. I’ll say if my babies were crying and I was unable to console them that I feel like I am a horrible mom, which we all know is not true but babies do in fact cry and sometimes we need to vent that to a partner who will reassure us that we are doing our best and the babies are just a little bit fussy for the time being.

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While I am still learning about what exactly postpartum anxiety is it is super hard for me to not keep learning. As we are planning for our 3rd baby (Spoiler, We are due in August and you can read about it here!) I want to be able to manage myself with the help of others instead of bottling things up. Part of the reason why we never hear about this I think is because parents hold this inside and it really isn’t a main stream thing. We never really talk about after a baby is born and all the changes that can happen with our minds as our way of thinking goes from ourselves to someone else. We are taking care of another human being which is one of the hardest things that I can say I have ever done in my entire life.

I hope that as I grow and keep becoming a mother time and time again that I am learning how to cope and can help others who I may know, or people who read this that there are ways to not be stuck with this. I will say though, having multiple children it for sure has been different with each one. As we had more I feel like the anxiety was better. With my oldest I remember thinking about the stairs feeling literally every single time we went up or down the stairs. I always thought “what If I slip or what if we fall?”, spoiler alert, it never happened. It was always in my mind. And though with my 2nd child I do have those feelings occasionally it was never as bad as it was with my 1st. Which maybe is because after you have one baby you kind of grow in confidence that you are able to keep one baby healthy and growing that with a second you can to the same.

Please though, If you or someone you know are struggling and talking it out of doing it alone is not helping, reach out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have help to overcome some of these strong and debilitating emotions. Everyone needs some help sometimes.


I know. This is wild and insane and we will soon be part of the 3 under 4 club which is crazy and I know we will have a lot of things to do but I am so looking forward to never being pregnant again. Spoiler Alert: This is the hardest pregnancy I have ever had!

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I also want to say too that before I even begin, I am nearly out of the first trimester. By this time this is published and I am releasing it it will be just over 13 weeks. I had full intentions to actually write how I was feeling week by week as an update because with Felix I had given an update every 4 weeks. I will start doing weekly updates though going forward after 12/13 weeks. I am more so wondering if this is harder because I have 2 under 3 right now and am literally busy most of the time.

Right now I have had more morning sickness than I have with both pregnancy combined. Just the last week alone as I write this I have been getting sick multiple times a day. I know that I could have it way way way worse but for this it was a lot. There has been a lot of sleeping. I feel like I am up every 2 hours to the bathroom which is totally insane because I do not remember being up that much at night so early on and I am already sore. I have been taking baths regularly and also even showers where I just stand in the steam and just relax as much as possible. I have been pretty regularly trying to just sit on the couch in my housecoat and relaxing because I feel like I need to. I am counting the days till this is over because I feel like its another chapter that is closing.

As for the gender. A lot of people we know are assuming it is a girl. Due to the fact I am way sicker however I won’t be really thinking about gender till it is confirmed due to the fact that Vincent and Felix were so different pregnancy that I really have no idea. I will say the being sick if that is in fact a thing more so with a girl I would be kind of leaning towards a girl. We do hope to find out the gender like we always have though because we are super impatient and unable to hold it in. I think if it was a girl or boy it will be such a nice ending to our family since we will be done with children.

Another thing I thing I am looking forward to is that this pregnancy we will be due the beginning of August. With the boys I was pregnant through the entire summer and that made me miss out on so much. Obviously I am not saying I regret anything either, I love my children and wouldn’t change it for the world. Having our own home and a nice large back deck where we can sit and enjoy the weather and animals at night has been so pleasant that I am so looking forward to it this summer. Also I am looking forward to having some puffs too because I do miss smoking a bit of weed but it’s something that I have just gotten over and I quit fairly easily. Just like every pregnancy, I even talk about it in a post here.

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As for cravings I don’t think I have really been craving a whole lot. Lots of salty and some sweet. More specifically Wendy’s Fries and dipping them in Frostys. I have been kind of craving slushies but NO WHERE in Halifax seems to have any and if that ain’t disappointing I honestly don’t know what is. I had some thing similar a “Misty” from dairy queen but that wasn’t the same. I also had a craving for a hot fudge sundae from dairy queen so I got a peanut buster parfait without the peanuts. And for my birthday this past January I had to specifically order the cake because I was dying to have something that had real buttercream not the window front store cakes with the whipped cream icing that isn’t sweet at all. I also have been trying to randomly eat different things because I swear sometimes I have eaten things and within a few hours I know I’m about to be sick and low and behold I end up getting sick.

I have been trying to keep busy though and have been trying not to nap in the day time because I feel like its such a wasted opportunity when the boys are sleeping to be able to get things done. Or I have been trying to do things as I go while they are doing things or I am cooking supper. Like if I am in the bathroom with Vincent I will try to tidy a few places or change the garbage. Stuff like that which is helping to get back on track. I swear though this pregnancy I have been unable to get enough sleep. Even sleeping in the day when I try to nap at night I am exhausted and then I find myself having trouble sleeping for long periods. One thing I need to start doing is reading beore bed. I need to stop being on my cell phone because it’s not making me sleep any better if anything its making me stay up later. I have some great books that I need to read and what better time to do so than now.

Overall I am hoping the next 2 trimesters go by way smoother and I am super scared about the actual birth which is a whole other blog topic as well as something I won’t be even thinking about until later when it is way closer to the due date but still. Here is to the final pregnancy that I have and hoping things go great. I cannot wait to meet our final missing puzzle piece to our family!

8 Products to Avoid with a New Baby

Having a new baby can be overwhelming for even the most experienced person. You have so many things you have to buy or acquire somehow that you almost need a list. Even still, you are nearly continually trying to limit spending and whenever you buy something it seems 2 more things that are necessary pop up and you are there trying to buy it among other things too.

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The following post I actually posted on my Facebook page and had the friends there help to compile the list. If I have used them I will say that I have, if i haven’t I will also mention that too. This is our list of what products you could probably do without when it comes to having a new baby!

Wipes Warmer – This is a product that someone had mentioned on Facebook. My son is over a year old at the time of writing this and I had NO IDEA this device even existed. A very valid point that a friend had mentioned was if you have this, assuming you plug it in. Whenever you need to change your baby NOT at your home you will have a difficult time because the wipes won’t be as warm as it was with the warmer. I think it goes without saying my spouse and I DID NOT buy this when we were planning for the birth of our son, and we will not be buying it for future children either. What a silly waste of money!

Tons of toys – I say this now but as I write this we are slowly but surely growing and growing out toys. It probably would be easier if we had a toy box but there just is no room in our home for that right now. Maybe in the future we will get an actual toy box but right now we just use a few baskets. In the beginning babies don’t even really play with toys. As he grew we decided to slowly give a few things each holiday, so like Christmas and his birthday and Easter. If you also know people who have kids they are more than willing to send or give them to you also too. A child does not need a ton of toys and truth be told my son would rather play with cooking tools like Tupperwear lids and what not over his toys!

Baby wearing carriers – I never personally used this with my son however I am kind of leaning towards getting one for my next child. The problem with this is that I feel like the size of a baby passed so quickly that I feel like you wouldn’t even need it after a few months. I would like to think that I don’t need this and I will be able to just carry my new baby with my son who will be walking by then too. I never needed one with my son that I feel like I wont need one for future children too. (Spoiler alert: I loved it but my second son grew so fast I only used it for a short period of time before it was useless to us!)

Expensive cribs – You do not need the most expensive cribs. Seriously. Buy one mid range or check for sales but at the end of the day whether your crib has nice engravings or it is just a plain old crib you do not need to spend a lot of money on the crib. Save it for other odds and ends but a 300$ crib will do the exact same thing as a 500+ dollar crib. Not to mention, if you choose to go the bassinet route when they are a newborn, You wont even NEED a crib for the first few months of their life!

Diaper Genie – We have one of these because we thought it would be super useful. Mind you, Our son’s bedroom is upstairs. We are typically downstairs in our living room playing. I would say this, it does help TO SOME EXTENT on the diaper smell. However, is it worth the price? No. His room being upstairs in the summer it is extremely hot and the smell is going to seep out regardless. We just put the diapers in the regular garbage and if the stink is too much we take a fresh smelling scent and spray in the bag. It does the job. Changing the bags can also be a pain since you have to buy a specific kind to put in. If his room was on the same level maybe we would be more inclined to try and use it more. You also need to buy charcoal bags to help eliminate the odor but when you have 30c+ weather it really doesn’t of a whole lot in eliminating the scent.

Change table – This is something a friend put on my list on Facebook. We have a change table because it also doubles as my son’s dresser. We also thought that we would be able to use it for future babies too. Since we would just get my son a regular dresser as he grew and use the change table/dresser combo for future kids. My friend thought this was a waste because people just pay money for a change table. No storage no nothing just the table. That would be a waste sure since it really isn’t all that functional. We also don’t use the table function all that much since as i mentioned before we are downstairs, So we have his diaper bag filled with everything we need and a change of clothes so that we can do everything without it too. If you are going to spend money on a change table like us, at least have a dresser or storage with it. Don’t just have it for one purpose.

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Bumbo Seats – We never used this for my son however if you really think about it. They are far over priced. The use is pretty standard for a seat. And you can get nearly the exact same thing for such a cheaper price that it really isn’t worth it. Bumbo’s at the time of writing this are approximately $70.00 Canadian. While we got the same type of seat for our son with things on it for $50.00 and you could probably even find one cheaper. There is no reason to spend this much money on a seat that has no toys attached to it only for your child to outgrow in a few short months if not sooner.

Baby towels – We fell for this and we won’t be buying anymore for any future children. They are so thin and sure they are soft to begin with, however they really are not that absorbent and when they do they are soaked immediately. For a newborn they might be okay for a few weeks but overall we just end up using a regular towel for my son after the bath and sometimes we use these for the outer layer since they typically have a hood to put over their head. Sure they really aren’t super expensive BUT you can do the same thing with a regular towel. And they become rough like any washing towel does so their once soft appearance is no longer soft!

Those are my 8 products to avoid when shopping for your little bundle’s arrival.

What are your worst products that you would avoid?
What is something you bought that didn’t live up to your expectations?

Leave a comment about them below! Ill do my best to respond to everyone too!

– Stacey

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Prepping for Final Baby

There is no secret here that I am pretty open about our family and how big we want it. My partner and I are planning on having 3 children provided that everything is alright though and everything aligns right. As you know having a baby can be challenging. I even talk about the 5 tips to get pregnant easier here in a different blog post. These are the things that I have been doing for the past little while in order to prep for the final baby we hope to welcome to our family!

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One thing I have been doing since August was taking prenatals. They say you should be starting to take these 3 months prior to trying to conceive. That being said though, prenatals will not make you become pregnant faster. The purpose of this is to build the vitamins and whatever else up in your body to help carry a baby better. Obviously there are times though that people are not able to do this with surprise pregnancy’s and things however if you are actively planning like us than yes, take them 3 months before hand to help your body become ready!

Another thing that I am trying to do is continue to lose weight. Having 2 kids and thinking about another pregnancy I want to make sure that I am not tired and sluggish. I want to hopefully lose maybe 25lbs (Hopefully since you know I write these in advance I will have you all updated on the Thursday’s Self Care) and I want to also be able to have munching and snacking in control so that I don’t have to worry about over eating. With my first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and it was hard. With my second I didn’t gain that much. Which was great however I want to hopefully lose weight and not gain like I did with my second. Chasing kids around will be challenging so I really want to make sure that I am healthy and at least not carrying around extra weight unless it has to do with the growing baby!

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I am also slowly thinking about bedrooms. Currently we have 3 bedrooms upstairs and right now my youngest is in the biggest room with the crib and my oldest in his own room in a big bed. That being said, whenever number 3 comes along hopefully it happens the same as it did with my first two which was relatively quick, that I would really like to low key plan the babies room. Chances are my youngest will have to be in a big boy bed. Not to mention I will have to put both of the boys in the same room. Then move the baby to the little room. I am not in a huge rush obviously due to the fact that I am hoping that we can keep the newest addition in a bassinet for a period of time but I would like to at least mentally prepare for the changes of rooms.

This also may sound super silly, but I am also mentally preparing myself for another c-section. It was really hard on me, so hard in fact I talk about the 3 things that were the hardest part of a c-section here as well as the parts of a c-section that no one talks about here. Maybe it was part of my fault because I never really thought “It could happen to me” and I knew literally nothing about it. All I knew was that they cut open your stomach. Not the time, what happens in recover, or anything like that. I want to be fully prepared to have another c-section if that is the route that is safest way for myself and for the baby to make it to this world. I know recovery won’t be easy because of the fact that I will have 2 little fellas who would be running around and I really hope that at the end of the day we do not have to go that way however if it does I want to be prepared as well.

And finally, I am also prepping for the fact that this will be my last pregnancy. We always planned on having just 3 children and as much as I feel like an alien and that I was low key not a huge fan of it. I will say that we were pretty lucky. I was basically minimal pregnancy symptoms and was able to do a lot more than friends of mine were though. That being said though, every pregnancy is different. I know this will be the last time that I can feel little kicks on the inside. I know that this is the last time my body will carry another human. I am okay with that and I hope the 9 months fly buy. I am ready to also take this time to really reflect on the fact that our family dynamic will be changing for a final time also too.

It feels super surreal though to sit here and be thinking about a 3rd pregnancy. From the first and to the third it will be a total of 27 months of pregnancy. That is over 2 years being pregnant. I still cannot believe that such a short time ago I was announcing that we were pregnant with our first and soon we will be announcing that we were pregnant with our last. It marks the end of an era so to speak. My partner and I always wanted to have our children close together in age for many reasons, maybe because we are a little bit crazy but still! Before we know it we will soon be out of diapers, and they will be off to college! Never do I ever wish memories and time away, but boy does it ever pass fast! I still am in shocked that my youngest is nearly a year old and here we are, going to be trying yet again!

What People Wish They Knew About Pregnancy – Part 3

Before I begin, I want to say this is something that I had asked the people on the app “Peanut”. This is an app where mothers sign up and can meet other moms around their towns and essentially become friends and hang out (Not a sponsor). However for me I felt it was far too overwhelming and in typical fashion I stopped using the app. I did however ask a question to the community, that question was “What is something you wish people told you about pregnancy or birth”. These are some responses and once the other parts become active I will be posting them below with links. And you are more than welcome to check them out yourself too!

What do you wish people told you about pregnancy and birth Part 1
What do you wish people told you about pregnancy and birth Part 2

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Fundal Massage for uterus was something that I had NO IDEA about when I had given birth the first time. I will say having a c-section for my second I did not notice if there was any massage which I assume there was not due to the fact I had just been cut open there. However with my first vaginal birth HOLY MOLY it was tough. The nurses literally will put their palm or even their fingers and wiggle it around your abdomen to see if your uterus is shrinking back and it does not tickle. They check this periodically and it is absolutely not comfortable at all. Yes it is important and needs to be done but just know that it does not feel great though at all. I know when it comes to having our third and final child, as much as I am hoping to have a vaginal birth similar to our second I am HOPING that this massage happens quickly and it becomes short lived!

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Forceps or vacuum was something I knew very little about and thankfully with the 2 children I have (And hopefully the 3rd when the time comes) we dont need to know anything about these! This is where you have to have these tongs to help pull your baby out. And the vacuum is just that, it will suction to the top of your babies head to help them come out of you. I was only told about these in my 1st pregnancy when the doctor was half threatening me with gaining too much weight and how this may be something that is needed if I kept gaining. Luckily I never needed them as my son came so fast however I have heard of these being essential in giving birth for whatever reason. In the moment I can imagine they are horrifying and worrisome.

Lack of sleep from labor to months later is something that you may think is assumed however it isn’t. I will say that with my first two son’s they have been nearly incredible sleepers compared to stories I have heard from friends. As obvious as it may be no one really talks about the lack of sleep you get after a baby is born. For my second pregnancy I found it was a lot harder to sleep the bigger I had gotten however I don’t remember that with my first. Afterwards you are also looking at about 2 months of lack of sleep where the first month you are basically a zombie in the process. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. Babies do drink every 3 hours so they need to really be up that much. After about 2 months both of my son’s slept alright averaging maybe 6-9 hours a night. What makes this challenging is that when you have multiple children. With my first I was able to sleep when he slept and catch up on sleep. However with my second that was not entirely possible due to the fact that he was on one nap per day and the newborn didn’t exactly sleep when you wanted them to!

Mom Guilt is something that I dont think anyone ever can prepare you for. This also can be parenting guilt too. One of the first things I know I felt guilty about with mom guilt was not wanting to breast feed. It is hammered down our throats as a mom that if you don’t you are depriving your child of certain things that they never talk about all the reasons why breast feeding may not be right for your family. For me, mentally I just was unable to breastfeed. I did not enjoy it, I felt wrong doing it, and when my son had jaundice and feeding was super important to make it go away it scared me and made me paranoid that he was not drinking enough. That is not to say that it doesn’t work for other people but for me I loved the fact that my spouse was able to feed our children and I was able to sleep a bit, or that I wasn’t hooked up to some sort of pump the entire time or waking every 2 hours trying to make things happen. The guilt I felt this for my first child was tough. It was extremely hard to even get past. I have a friend who breastfeeds her kids and she said flat out fed is best. There is such a stigma about parents who choose to formula feed that it needs to be stopped. It would probably help with things like postpartum depression as well if we never had so many pressures on us parents before the baby has even been born!

As you can see there is multiple things that may seem pretty obvious to others however this is not the case. This is something that maybe by writing these out a new parent may know before the situation arises! And if you are pumped to read this I can’t wait for you to read the other ones when they come out too!

If you would like to purchase the book you are more than welcome to do so here, though the link is for the Canadian site you may need to be redirected to the Amazon sited for your Country to be able to purchase a copy for yourself!

9 New Baby Essentials

Having a new baby can get overwhelming at times to say the least. You have everyone and their dog trying to recommend the latest or best things to help you out. Being a new mom and one that started to have children at 30 most of my friends already had children. So they did the easy work! Some of these things are my must haves and some of the folks on  my Facebook also recommended also too.

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Baby Frida Nose Sucker is honestly near the top of my list of things you must buy for your new baby. And before you say this is gross know, yes, it is gross but it really is not as gross as you may think. When my son was born we started him on similar because it was a popular formula brand. It made my son constipated some looked to switch. When we did it helped tremendously however before he would staring to poop and have milk come up through his nose. I know it sounds gross and it was. But this saved us by being able to suck the boogies and milk sting from his nose. Not to mention when they are sick it helps a lot too. Just know that when your child ages it will be challenging to use and you may need two people but this was a huge life saver.

Recieving Blankets may be overrated but we loved ours. My mom had made a few and we were given a few from our neighbor. We used these to swaddle him when he was very tiny and they are great for keeping over your shoulder in case there is spit up and for burping too they have a lot of coverage. Not to mention you will want a few spares because you can easily go through a few a day just from burping alone. Let alone if they have an over spill of pee or poop and leak through their clothes to their swaddle too.

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Baby Monitor is for sure a must have. It is 2021 and this is especially great if you live on a multi level home. It is huge in helping to shed some relief as your little one sleeps. We loved ours because the bedrooms were upstairs. Mind you we did use a bassinets with my son and we will be using it with our next baby but when they start sleeping in their own crib this is for sure a security thing. The only downside I would say is that after a few months the battery life and charge is nearly non existent. On average it lasts about 2 hours and will start to beep at us to plug it in. Which is great but that beeping lasts nearly an hour. Yes we timed it one night and was curious. And you are unable to turn off the beeping also. Which is a bummer too because unless you plug it in the beeping will continue.

Haakaa for breast feeding moms was recommended to me by someone on Facebook as a life saver since it caught breast milk from being wasted when your baby is going to be drinking from the other side. This is something that is manual and uses suction around your nipple to catch any left overs. With my son I stopped pretty early and with this baby we are going to try breast feeding a bit further as well as trying to pump so we have a stock pile also. I am really nervous about this however this is something I will be buying to use and test out as well.

Yellow Plastic Toothbrush is something that a friend of mine enjoyed but I found my son was not super fond of it, this is a finger tooth brush and it had brushes on opposite sites that were rubber. Maybe it was more challenging for us because my son had teeth later however it was still worth it for the price to really give it a go at brushing his teeth. And where it is rubber it is super easy to clean and you can really feel where it goes in his teeth and that it actually is brushing. Another friend also recommended this too.

Car Seat Cover for winter newborns was something that a friend recommended. When my son was born in March it was not super chilly out and we had enough blankets that we could out them around him so that he was nice and cozy warm. A friend of mine had her son towards the end of December and said that this was a life saver for them when traveling because it blocked so much of the chill from the Canadian Winters. We are due with our new baby at the end of November and for sure will be getting one to help with traveling.

Sleep Sacks have been a life saver, especially when swaddling has stopped due to them moving too much. We have had so many sleep sack throughout the birth to growth of our son that we will continue to use them with all our kids. We tried a few diff kinds. One of them which I won’t link had the zipper break. The only thing I would suggest is buy a few sizes at once as they can be deceiving and you want to see how they fit your little one. Another would be to have a second one. That way if they have a wet diaper that has over flowed you have a spare to change them into, especially in the middle of the night!

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Face Clotheshave been over rated and we have used them every single day. Especially having a boy when they are very very little it helps to cover their little downstairs quickly so they do not pee everywhere and end up peeing on the face cloth. They aren’t just for baths either we use them for wiping his face after meals. Cleaning before bed. Baths. If you had to dry a bum after using a wet wipe to apply diaper rash cream. There really is many types of uses and you cannot go wrong with them!

As you  can tell there is a lot of things I would recommend for new parents. And aside from the few I was suggested I have used everyone and plan on using one as well.

Is there anything you would recommend for a new parent?

What is your top tool or item you were so happy to receive or give to a new parent? 

Let me know in the comments below!

What People Wish They Knew About Pregnancy – Part 2

Before I begin, I want to say this is something that I had asked the people on the app “Peanut”. This is an app where mothers sign up and can meet other moms around their towns and essentially become friends and hang out (Not a sponsor). However for me I felt it was far too overwhelming and in typical fashion I stopped using the app. I did however ask a question to the community, that question was “What is something you wish people told you about pregnancy or birth”. These are some responses and once the other parts become active I will be posting them below with links. And you are more than welcome to check them out yourself too!

What do you wish people told you about pregnancy and birth Part 1
What do you wish people told you about pregnancy and birth Part 3

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One subject someone said was the decreased sex drive while breast feeding. This could be strongly because while in the first few weeks and months after the birth of your child, if you choose to breastfeed, you will spend a lot of your time with them attached to your chest. Maybe you are pumping for relief though so others can also feed your little one however if you are exclusively breastfeeding you will be spending a lot of your energy with them attached to your breast. Which obviously to some extent will make you maybe not have the sex drive you once had before giving birth.

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How long to feel normal varies from person to person however it does not happen over night. If I remember correctly I feel like giving birth vaginally made it so that I was able to feel normal a whole lot sooner than it did when I had a c-section birth. I even went as far as talk about the two difference between them in a blog here and I also talk about how there were challenges that I had to overcome with having a c-section in this blog post here. The fact is giving birth to another human has a lot of challenges. However no one prepares you to ever have to wait a long time to feel normal and healed or even yourself again. When will it stop hurting when you walk up the stairs? Who knows but that is something to think about as well. And if you take longer to feel normal compared to your friends who have had kids there is absolutely nothing wrong with it taking longer or maybe quicker. Times vary from person to person.

What to buy what not to can be a bit subjective. In the fact that what someone might recommend might not be needed for other families and whatever. That being said, I know someone out there needs to hear that, there is NO NEED to over buy every single toy you see on the shelf or every single type of shirt, pants or outfit on the rack. If you have enough clothes to go through a week without doing laundry or even a few spare clothes because accidents do happen, you do not need everything under the sun. You will find that as your child ages there is also people who will be buying different things that will continue to fill up your home. I’m not saying don’t buy anything just ask yourself if you need it. For the most part my children have so many toys from friends and family and holidays that I even hide half of them in the other room and swap them out every few months so that they have new things to play with and it is a surprise too.

Second hand shops save money as well as Facebook market place. There are some specific things I wouldn’t buy from those places like maybe stuffed animals because at the time some things may be hard for cleaning purposes however if it is a plastic toy or something that you can clean regularly there is so many things that people can re-use instead of buying new. And if you want to get some sort of savings or even be a family with toys every where (guilty) then this is a great way to save money.

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How lonely it gets is something that I dont personally thing that I feel a lot however I do understand it. Especially with Covid and people with babies are trying to limit contact with people outside of their immediate family however it is lonely. When you have multiple kids you might even be finding yourself isolated, and not on purpose, from people who are like minded. Sure it is great to hang with your children all day but it is also important to get out and have adult interactions. I have a spouse who is home nightly who I talk to and I do regularly talk to friends on messenger and things. That being said I am also looking forward to doing things like walking and little play dates in the summer with friends too. It is import to also have your own time whenever possible away from your children even just for some self care.

Drastic hair loss is something I have been fortunate to not have with either of my pregnancy however I have seen the mental damage it has done to people and friends who have encountered this not talked about enough issue. It is something that may happen every pregnancy, maybe one or two of your ones, or maybe it has different varying degrees too. It also has no timeline on how long it will last. I know for myself, as a woman, even though I have thick hair I can empathize with how it would make a woman feel when they have clumps of hair that have fallen out.

As you can see there is multiple things that may seem pretty obvious to others however this is not the case. This is something that maybe by writing these out a new parent may know before the situation arises! And if you are pumped to read this I can’t wait for you to read the other ones when they come out too!

Why I Disagree With Home Births

This may be a controversial subject but apparently that is what we are all about here at the blog so why not talk about this!

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If you are fortunate to live in a place where you have options in the health care, you may be given these choices in terms of where to give birth. The main one being a hospital, with a birthing center next and then the home birth choice. In Canada I am unaware if we even have birthing centers and for me, the thought never crossed my mind as I always would prefer a hospital for many many reasons. However I have seen stories where people do in fact in the year 2022 decide to have a home birth because they are an “ideal” candidate. I have 2 kids and I would like to have a third here in the near future and there is nothing in this world that could ever per sway me to ever agreeing to having a home birth. The only way it would remotely happen would be if labor came on super fact and I had no idea if I would make it to the hospital.

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One of the reasons why I think many people like myself choose a hospital is, simply put, you just never know. You really have no idea what is happening when it comes to giving birth. For example, my 2nd was breech and we never knew he was until I was actually in labor. You can read all about his birth here which ended in a c-section. If I hypothetically was to try for an at home birth I would have been right to the hospital for that anyways. And in the process maybe wasting time and potentially risking my life or my child’s life. Call it harsh if you must, but that is the reality of a home birth.

Being in a hospital is such a safe place to be due to the immense amount of resources that are available. If anything were to happen and it needed to have a situation that could be ready for anything this would be the place to go. In my own situation, I never knew my son was breech until I was in labor. What if we had attempted a vaginal delivery just like my first son, and then something happened and I needed to be rushed to a hospital to save the life of myself of even my child. There really is anything that could be happening. And with doctors and specialist and nurses there you really could not be in any safer place for welcoming your child into the world.

Then you have birthing centers from my understanding, is mainly for low risk pregnancy’s. They are a lot more laid back than a hospital so to speak however they do have a bit more specific rules that must be included in a birth plan. I really don’t know any examples of this due to the fact I am not aware if Canada even has birthing centers. Especially with our universal health care I think it would be a home birth or a hospital birth. From my understanding though, a birth center is some what of a middle ground in terms of giving birth. It is more or less a mix of a home setting with some hospital interventions if necessary and to some extent too.

And finally, home births which are just that. They are hiring some sort of professional whether a midwife or a doula or maybe even a nurse, and having your baby inside of your home. There is minimal interventions medically so to speak and only people with low risk pregnancy are even considered for this. The whole purpose is to have a birth as natural as possible without the hospital setting. And well, if something goes wrong then that is a whole other story. This includes not having any medications to help and maybe even having a minimal amount of monitors even checking the health status of your baby.

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This may come off blunt (but if you are already a big reader you will know I don’t sugar coat things) but in 2022 there should not be any home births. There is so much that can happen in the blink of an eye that if not at a birthing center at the very least, you could not only be putting your baby in danger but also yourself too. This also raises the question, if something were to happen during child birth at home with the baby or the mother, who is to blame? The parents who decided to have the home birth? The people who encouraged this practice or were essentially helping the baby be born into this world? There really is a bunch of raised questions that could be asked when in terms of what if’s and if something goes wrong.

I am a firm believer in science. I think that with so many interventions to help with child birth there is little reasons why babies should be born and die due to neglect (Which is what home births are in my honest opinion). I dont even understand how any parent who decides this and has something happen (Heaven forbid it does) would be able to live with themselves knowing that the situation could have many been prevented provided they were in an established center that was well equipped to handle crisis when it should show up.

Child birth can be stressful enough, being in a hospital may be stressful for some and I understand the reasoning for wanting a home birth, however I don’t agree that they should happen. A hospital is there for a reason, and that reason just may be to save the life of your baby and yourself.